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can i pursue a sap module on qm?

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I am a mechanical engineer and I am working as a senior QA/QC engineer for the last three years. I want to pursue my career in the field of SAP. But keeping in mind the present condition of job market especially for a mechanical engineer, I am quite afraid to make a move. Can you shed some light on the same?


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Hi - this is always a possibility, but from my view, it's better to start as a user of the SAP QM module, and then go into the field of becoming an SAP expert. You can also look and follow the QM tag and follow experts like fire.fighter

You can also look at the SAP Learning Journeys - to see the SAP training available

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Hard to say without, (as Tammy kind of indicated), knowing what your level of SAP expertise is. Are you at least currently a user? Do you have any master data maintenance responsibilities yet.. Are you considered the SME for your group/business? Do you drive or review SAP changes or mods as the business owner? If not, I'd try to get into any or all of these areas ASAP in your current company.

If your experience is limited, your best bet is to maybe look at getting into an existing consulting firm, especially ones that focus on QM. Depending on your level of expertise they might be willing to help you learn whatever you are missing. Your experience as a QA/QC engineer is valuable to those firms. Configuration and technical expertise can be taught to you. But understanding the nature of QA and QC is not something easily taught. Relating to users is not taught. Having empathy for them and understanding what they go through on a daily basis is not something that can be taught.

You'd be amazed at how many technical SAP QM people out there can't even really articulate what the differences are between QA and QC and how their roles and job responsibilities differ. Having an SAP person that understands the needs, issues and problems of the user base is critical to successful implementations.

You might consider possibly looking into auditing firms as an intermediate jump in SAP too. Validation and auditing of systems at multiple clients could give you exposure to the many ways of implementing SAP. One of the biggest faults of newbies is they usually know of "one" way to skin the cat so to speak.. Yet there are many, many ways to implement QM.

Depending on how you are hired, (employee or contractor), you can then maybe work in some of the SAP classes into your schedule. As a hired contractor you'd have more control over when you took off to take some classes.

It might take a few years to get the classes you need and get certified by SAP. I think that in today's world, as a newbie, that certification will help you.

Your next step then might be with a consulting house if you aren't in one at this point. Or if you feel confident, go out on your own as an independent.

One thing I always suggest. NEVER quit your current job until the next one is lined up. Don't go out as an independent until you have at least that first project lined up. Also, make sure you have ALREADY built up a relationship with multiple headhunters that will place you into projects before you go out. When you get close to that time, you'll probably be able to get some good recommendations on who are the good ones to work with and who aren't.

Personally, I'm glad I'm doing what I'm doing and I enjoy it for the most part on most days. But it's not for everyone. Please check out my blog on it.

This is another OLD blog that you might find interesting coming from your background.

Good luck!