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can i get job as sap abaper

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my qualification is mba marketing can i do sap abap if possible to get job as a sap abaper. is any requirements in regarding doin abap ie technical education BE or MCA is needed or shall i do , i am not basically a technical person even in my degree and is there any chance to get job as a fresher as i dont have BE or MCA qualification please. can any one help me i have already did SAP CRM Functional module...

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is any requirements in regarding doing abap ie technical education BE or MCA is needed : Not Needed.

This is Purely depending on your interest & Efforts .

Refer this book in Google /SCN :

Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4® in 21 Days

Help u to learn Basics of ABAP on your own .

SAP CRM : already you know Find any openings related to CRM  & Learn ABAP on your own if possible.( online )

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To your question of whether you can learn ABAP or whether you can get a job in ABAP, the simple answer is Yes to both questions.

But that's not the whole story. A lot depends on how much effort you put into it and how much sincere you are in finding a job. I say this because you have learnt CRM and yet looking at ABAP as an option. If you keep skipping from one module to another, then I really doubt if you will find success any time soon. I suggest you focus your energy and time on one module and work towards landing a job.

On whether your non-technical background being a hindrance, I would say it differs from person to person. If I were interviewing you then I would definitely be looking for a technical background. But that is just my opinion. And opinions differ from person to person.

Given the circumstances I would suggest you spend more efforts and time on CRM and try to land a job in that area. While entering into ABAP, you have to fight your way with a lot of competition and that includes candidates who have strong programming background. So unless you put-in countless hours on ABAP, the chances are bleak.