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Can company prefer to recruit non-IT background person having SAP SD certification??

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Hii ....

I have completed in Biotechnology & then MBA in Biotechnology, having 6 years of sales experience in Pharmaceutical companies.. In my current company, I am using some of the tcode of SAP like zstz, zv82, va05, xd43 etc.. I am raising requests for various PO incorporation just by checking current info in SAP... I feel very much interest in SAP... I am planning to do SAP SD module certification.. I have many questions in my mind:-

1. Can company prefer non IT background SAP certified person as compare to IT background person??

2. How much initial salary package company's are offering in case of my profile??

3. What is the Hierarchy ladder in SAP SD??

4. Does my sales experience of pharmaceutical considerable for SAP consults job in IT company.

5. How does SAP freelancer do??

Thanking you,




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  1. As long as you are strong in core SD process and configuration, no matter whether you are non-IT or certified
  2. Obviously, it would be minimum because you would be offered only the junior position
  3. What do you mean by this ?
  4. No, it would not be considered
  5. My first answer holds good. This means, if you are able to provide solution for any Business process, then, you can think of this

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by "strong in core SD process" you mean being able to differentiate between SAP delivered transactions and companies own created transactions (like zstz and zv85)?

Nope !!!

Core SD in the sense basic SD processes sale order creation, delivery creation and billing. In these three process, if you google for issues, predominently, there would be some unique issues in each process and as a functional consultant, without googling it, they should be in a position to provide solution. I am not considering special process like consignment fill-up, Free of Charge Delivery etc. or even pricing for juniors