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Ask Advices about the Career Path for A Junior SAP SuccessFactors Consultant


As a junior SuccessFactors consultant from China, I'm excited that Career Corner in SAP Community gives me room to take about career development and receive advice from experts! 

Here I wanted to throw out a question to you for which I have been seeking the answer since I became a SuccessFactors Recruiting Consultant after graduation in 2021: Is it a good choice when it comes to SuccessFactors Consultant as my lifelong career? The question is raised after I have nearly two-year of work experience in SF.

Firstly, SuccessFactors is a leading or top two global HCM Suite SaaS product, there is no doubt that the product will not be eliminated for a short time. However, it is no longer strong when it comes to localized markets, such as China market due to policy, customization, or other circumstance. One of the signs is that job opportunities in China are scarce.

Secondly, even if SF has a great advantage in some specific companies, such as some international corporations which are based in China, the market is less and currently, I don't have an advantage due to the language obstacle—my poor English though I'm striving to improve it. Therefore, I'm concerned that I would be not competitive in the future.

In addition, compared to traditional SAP OP products such as FICO or other ERP products, the market is small and the technical threshold for SF is not high from my point of view. (In fact, I'm majoring in Business Management and am just interested in Computers and Programming).  At the same time, we must update my knowledge base because SF never waits for us still. So currently as a technical consultant, I'm also concerned that I will be replaced easily. I also know that studying the idea, business process and best practices behind SF is more important, but I still have a litter panic.

All in all, the macro-environment, such as the war, the pandemic, and the economy, and the micro-environment, such as product and market make me worried. Maybe you will think that I worry too much but it does be what I think. However, I also appreciate that SF broadens my horizons and gives me a chance to touch a global-class product and a wider world, which is the reason why I don't leave the industry as of now. 😊


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I don't know the SF market, but in my experience, nothing is "life long".   Many moons ago I majored in accounting, worked as an auditor, moved to become a "microcomputer analyst", project manager, etc. 

It's important, in my view, not just to understand the software, but understand the business processes behind them.  Especially in SF, I would expect a consultant to know Human Resources and the associated processes.  

I am not familiar with China, so I can't offer advice in that area.

Lifelong learning in many areas and business processes always helps.

Good luck

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"Nothing is lifelong, understanding the business processes behind the system and lifelong learning is helpful."

In fact, A notion always occupied my mind. I always thought before that it is impossible to make my career path wider once I dived into SuccessFactors areas because what I only know is simple(It is just compared to FICO, MM, or other modules) SuccessFactors configuration knowledge and I will be closely bound up with SuccessFactors gradually.

Thank you for your advice. I will explore it further and learn something from your experience.