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Hi All,hope you’re doing well. Need your advice if you’re just certified with two modules and starting looking for jobs and everyone asking for yers and years experience how you can find any opportunities at all.What’s the pathway is there option for volunteering or any other ideas.




Hi, some companies have entry level jobs for people who recently certified. Look for partner companies or larger organizations that have established teams. Often these jobs will be posted on the company website and general job posting sites.

Good luck with your search.

Thank you will try 

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Community Advocate

Hi @YK9 - I would also add that networking is very important - I'm sure you're doing this already, where are you based? You might take a look at our location groups and join one near you - if there is already for your city or nearby. In the location groups you can connect locally and network at upcoming events.

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Hi Katherine,thanks for your message. I’m based in London,believe me it is so difficult after certifying to find a job.Everyone asking for years of experience and most for specialist,so still no one has said how to start and from where.Thanks for your response once again and definitely will get your advice.


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Networking plays a crucial role to land a job after SAP Certification. I have done my career enhancement with 1 Year Diploma at Toronto with Certification in SAP- Sourcing and Procurement,December2022 as part of Ontario Skill development programmme. Personally having 15 years domain experience, its not easy to get job. Join interest groups, do volunteering and participate in Industry Events to connect with peers,senior in industry. Above steps May help you get some headway to land a job in near future.

Best OF luck.

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Hi RajenderA,thanks for your message. Already participated in different groups but still doesn’t help.Shouldn’t be that difficult if you are studying hard paying high prices for assessment attempts and the strangest thing is everywhere is saying SAP is in demand but once certified you face different realities.Anyway thanks for your advice.

Take care

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Thanks a lot