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ABAP going to be obsolated soon?

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I have heard a very shocking news, actually it's a rumour I think , that ABAP is going to be obsolated in the near future and will be replaced by JAVA.

IF that's the case, then what would be the future of the ABAPPERS? I'm new in ABAP and not FROM COMPUTER-SCIENCE or IT background. So I know a very little about JAVA and that's why concerned about it.

If I unknowingly have caused any trouble to you by saying such a thing, then please forgive me. But I really want to know whether this is true or not .


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hi semantic,

ABAP is the core language of SAP . SAP came up with Netweaver as its fundamental platform for its Business suite

product in 2004. I do not have indepth knowledge on SAP Netweaver but know it uses Java language.

Java code is currently being used in Process Integration too.

Nothing is going to happen to ABAP . It will remain as long as SAP exists.



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Thank u very much PRADEEP, I'm kind a relieved now.

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Just in case to be confident about your future. why not start learning the basics of java? I dont think there is any rocket science involved in it even though you are not from IT background. It will also extend your scope of exploration withing SAP.


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I think u are right. Once I finish learning the basics of ABAP itself, I'll concentrate on JAVA.

Once again thanks for your advice.

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Hey SAP is very vast platform and ABAP is the basic of SAP. So there will be not be any obsolated kind of thing for ABAP.

More Over JAVA is different and ABAP is different. SAP tries to make use of Reusablility in SAP with OOPS concepts because of Customer demands. More over for your Information. You must be aware of NTW Platform which is having ABAP Webdynpro and JAVA Webdynpro. In future i may guess ABAP Webdynpro will overcome JAVA Webdynpro. Because EP is going to be integrated in ABAP Webdynpro for the portal level administration. Example configuring Views and URLS.

ABAP Rocks....