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ABAP certification,cost,is Siemens the best authorized training in INDIA.

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i am a software developer currently working on .NET. hwt i want to know is that wud SAP(ABAP certification) give me the boost that i need to move up in my career.

My major concern is also that all my education from graduation till master have been in Distance Learning so after doing ABAP certification would the companies looking for ABAP certified professionals look into my educational background or not.

i mean would my education hinder in me getting good offers.

and also wud ABAP be good decision to go for.

please help


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HI raja,

make your question more clear and ask what you want exactly?

your heading is like " abap certification,cost Siemens ..." and your description follows as "wud ABAP be good decision to go for". (2 sides of a coin)

If you are really interested n SAP world and interested in programming then go for ABAP. the certification costs around 3 lakhs in India by Siemens and i don't know the training how they are providing.i will not say "100% placement after your Certification" as a training center guy. But Certification will helps more if you have a real time experience. There are so many threads on this topic in this forum.

You are doing job with your distance degree, how do you get that job? follow the same principle in ABAP also

own experience teaches more



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Hey Thanks for the reply.

please answere these questions

1) Cost of Siemens Online and Regular Course (ABAP).

2) Which of the course would be the best in the sense that my education has been from correspondence starting from Graduation.

3) Does resigning from my current job would be a good decision in the sense that if i do regular ABAP module i wud be required to resign from my job and after doing the certificaiton the respective companies are going to ask me wht did i do in the following period . even though my answer would be that i was doing SAP(ABAP) module they would be thinking that the Company to which i was on payroll of fired me.

so wud it be a wise idea to resign and then make my work exp. stop and then go for SAP. and after doing the certification then start again as a fresher.

and i do go for the online course then my exp would nt stop and when i complete the certification in prescribed six months

then i can start as a fresher. but still i wud be having the said amount of work exp. and directly switching to SAP as a fresher

Pls help

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Dear raja,

Doing certification is an added advantage when you have a real time experience. Don't think its an instance access to job.

now you are doing well in .net why you want to leave that job. you are on technical side and technical background so choose any tech module. learn the module without leaving your job. after completion of course try to get the job using your .net experience and completed course details. after some real time experience go for certification.

1) certification costs nearly 3 lakshs.(with certification)

2) check the sticky threads "career advise for beginners" to choose sap module.

3) Apply with your previous developer experience and your course details