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Happy Canada Day!

Who helps SAP Labs Canada run? And how?

Labs Canada is one in a network of 18 Labs that serve as the research & development hubs for SAP.

In the Office of the Managing Director, it’s our job to make sure employees have what they need to do their best work and be at their happiest. Our small and mighty team of seven supports our Labs locations in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver.

We help to bring new mandates and headcount to Canada, attract leaders to our offices, host innovation tours for customers, convene executive leadership teams, and support our facilities, HR, IT and other areas to work in lock-step. In short, we help to ensure operational excellence across SAP Labs Canada.

Culture is also really important to us. We try to make SAP a place where employees feel engaged in their work and encouraged to pursue their passions. We host events, support employee engagement teams, provide community sponsorships, and encourage volunteerism and corporate social responsibility.

We’re storytellers, too, and fiercely passionate about Canada, SAP, and the 2,500 incredibly talented people who choose to build their career here.

So get to know us! In celebration of Canada Day, we wanted to introduce ourselves and share with you our favourite reasons to work at SAP Canada…

SAP Labs Canada is everything that makes Canada great: friendly, helpful people, ingenious, innovative and resourceful, inclusive, diverse and easily the most beautiful place on earth to work, live, and play. I have the great honor of working with a team that embodies all these characteristics who work tirelessly to promote and support the incredible people in SAP Labs Canada. We may be apologetic as a nation, but we are not sorry to say that Labs Canada Rocks! 
– Kirsten Sutton, Managing Director

I have always been proud to live in Canada but my feeling of Canadian pride has been building volumes over the last two years since joining SAP Labs Canada. The employees who are part of the SAP Labs Canada community inspire me every day with their creativity and innovative spirit. I am so proud to be part of a team who celebrates diversity and fosters a culture of inclusion, appreciation and ‘can do’ attitude. Much like I can count on a nearby Tim Hortons, I know that my Labs Canada colleagues can be counted on to be compassionate passionate ROCK STARS!  Cindy Fagen, Chief Operating Officer

As David Bowie once said, “you can neither win nor lose if you don’t run the race”. -At SAP though it isn’t just about the mechanics of running, but how we run as well. Whether it is planning an event for our employees in Vancouver or working with the executive leadership teams across Canada, we not only help make Labs Canada run better, we ensure we have a little fun along the way too. Labs Canada Rocks! 
Mark Robins, Events Manager & Assistant to the Managing Director

Some of my favourite human beings in the world work at SAP. What I love most about being here is that we have some of the most creative, intelligent and generous people around. We work hard, and play hard, but we also take great care of each other and our community. I’m proud to work for a company that is guided by its values and feel privileged to get to tell our stories to colleagues and the world.

– Jennifer Carreiro, Integrated Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

I love the diversity of work at SAP Canada. I get to collaborate with people from various lines of businesses every day. No day is the same, there are challenges but seeing how your work can impact SAP as a whole and the people here is what makes it worthwhile. 

– Stacy Ho, Communications Specialist (Vancouver)

SAP is amazing because every day is challenging, fun, and exciting. No day is truly alike and there are always opportunities to collaborate with individuals from coast to coast. Our team is making a positive impact at Labs Canada by fostering innovation and engaging employees to help them run happier!

– Bev Ng, Communications Specialist (Toronto & Waterloo)

There is always something new to do every day. My projects are always diverse and that encourages me to get out of bed every morning. The beauty of this position is that I get to work with colleagues from all over Canada and different people every single day. Vive la diversité à SAP!

– Katherine Ginella, Communications Specialist (Montreal)

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How lucky am I to get to work with such an awesome team?!

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Rock on team!

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For a crew of rock stars and roadies there is a noticeable absence of teased hair. You all rock, thanks for everything you do to make Labs Canada the best place in the world to work