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As a talent acquisition partner at SAP, I work on recruiting top university students for SAP iXp’s Prague program. In my three years recruiting, planning and implementing the internship program, I’ve witnessed many students transform their careers throughout their internships. I’ve also witnessed our office environment and the work we deliver to clients flourish with the help of our interns.

Why are university students essential to your business’s growth? Allocating extra resources for interns can provide exponential ROI for a business. Here’s why you should invest in bringing students into your workplace:

1. Diversity Drivers

University students bring in new perspectives how things run. They help redefine the culture and propel it to new heights. Remember how millennials are a changing the future of work? Providing these young innovators with the space to grow within your business allows a diverse set of employees to engage with and understand the next-generation of the workforce. Age isn’t a determinant to a person’s success, but a diverse workplace culture is.

2. Reasons to Reflect

Often times we don’t stop to look beyond the projects we’re working on day-to-day. Interns challenge us. They raise questions on subject related to our everyday work that we may have missed along the way. Their questions give us a unique reflection and point out our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you don’t realize you could be doing something in a more efficient way until you’re showing someone else how to do it.

3. Leaning on Leadership

Anytime you have new people on board, in order to keep them on board, you need to take good care of them. That might be an obvious sentiment, but often times we forget the things that really matter to incoming early talent. One of which, is introductions and opportunities to network with senior employees in the company. Bridging the knowledge gap between your most senior employees and new hires is eminent to the success of your business.

4. Infinite Innovation

All of the previous points lead us to the heartbeat of every tech company: Innovation. You cannot last in a cutting-edge economy without hiring the people who understand technology most: Students. They consume the latest technologies out there, and are the future deciders of what’s hot and what’s not. They’re the next-generation of consumers, and their input is invaluable.

You cannot force innovation. It must come to life through an organic form. Let them speak their minds and provide them the time to be creative. Providing an experience for students to learn freely, make mistakes, take risks and create a professional community will take your business into new horizons.

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