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Your career is a life long journey and you would come across number of individuals, some are good, some are very good, some are angels, some are bad, some are frustrating and some are totally disgusting. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid any of them, you need to get through with all of them. Whoever be the people, you need to learn good out of those people and ignore the bad. Some people may make your life unbelievably frustrating, but you should be in a position to take a leaf out of those individuals to get inspiration to prove them wrong. No person in this world is perfect. Everyone will have their own drawbacks and defects. In this highly materialistic world, everyone try to save their position, whatever be the industry or profession. During the course, they may try to play with you in order save their own egos and positions. There might also be good people, who will always happy to help others, whatever be the situation. You could forget a person who made bad to you, but you should never forget a person who has helped you in your tough times. At the same you time, you come across some people, who are always try to use in all respects. They could only survive by using others skill. Some people may try to severely harm you, probably, you may go to a mental depressed situation. Still, they do not bother about you. For them, their survival is more important than anything else. If you are really fortunate enough you could see real visionaries. You would be thoroughly inspired by their every move. Very few fortunate people will have chance to work with such kind of individuals. Whatever be the career, whether it is SAP or any other kind of profession, you would come across different mentalities of people.

You should not feel yourself bad if somebody try to harm you, at the same you should not feel so happy if somebody praise you. It is normal human psychology that all of us feel happy when somebody applause. One thing you must remember is to have belief in you. Both bad and good people are good to you in one way or the other way. Bad people will give you enough inspiration to prove them wrong and good people will motivate to enrich what you are dreaming for. If somebody gives you very bad time, you get enormous amount of inspiration to prove them wrong. When you grow up in life or when you get recognition, they would sure repent how they behaved with you in the past. If you are fortunate to work with helping and good natured people, they will show you a path, how to live your life in helping others. One thing you must strongly believe is even if you do not help others, but you should not harm anybody. Everyone of us must follow the principle "Live and let live". As long as your believe in your abilities and do not compare yourself with anybody, no force can stop your growth. Most of us draw comfort zone around and we are always scared to go out of those boundaries, resulting we are only releasing 1% of our true potential. 99% of potential would be evaporated by running around those comfort zone circles. Those who come out of those circles, take risks and challenges will achieve substantial success. Even if they come across failures, their life is a great lesson for the future generations. If you are fortunate enough, you may find such challenging individuals in your life.

As long as you are helping or you have money, you will find lot of friends and relatives around you. It is the same in the professional life, as long as you are helping others and sharing the knowledge, you would find number of people around you in your professional circles. When you stopped helping or sharing knowledge, nobody would be interested to interact with you. The greatness lies in you when you are trying to help others even when they are trying to harm you. Those who can help everybody including their traitors are the real individuals. You would hardly find such individuals in this world. You would be so lucky, if you get a help of such individuals. It is not that you get help from those people, but, you would learn how to live this life. You would learn the art of helping others and not just taking the help from others. Getting help is very easy, but when you give your best to help others, that is where you live the life with a purpose. We may not be able to doing extraordinary things and changing this revolving world in overnight. But, we should learn making small help to others when they are in genuine need. When you start doing this, you would be remember forever by others. Even you may be miles apart from them, but you will be in their hearts forever. But, we do not always get such a great helping people always.

You would also find the other extreme type of individuals in your life.They are frustrating, disgusting, making your life miserable and keep you always crying. You would see number of such people in your professional life. Particularly, in this corporate life, it is a political game. You would also find number of people drawing pawns behind you to defeat you in every respect. But, to be honest, you should never give importance to such people. Just ignore them. Believe what you are capable of doing, trust your ability to make the positive change to the environment. If you afraid, the whole world will try to make you afraid. If you stand up and trust your potential, then the whole world would respect you. Nobody is a born champion, everybody took birth in the same way, therefore, no need to much worry about others. In a professional life, the respect only comes by way of your knowledge. Everybody respects you if you have knowledge and willing to share. You cannot be appreciated if you play politics and hide your knowledge. Nobody would be willing to accept you in their life or professional career, if you fail to help. Some people may try to use you for their benefits, but you should not feel bad. When you are trying to help others, you should not expect anything in return. Just help others whatever best way you can. That is how you would be remembered. If you are part of that helping mentality, then you turn out to be a diamond. Sometimes, it is so easy to say these words, but very difficult to put them in practice.

You would see number of politicians in your office environment also. They also try to play the game of politics and learn the art of surviving. If you trust in politics, one day you have to bite the dust. Therefore, keep away from the politics and gossips. Always believe in one thing, if you share your knowledge, it gets doubled, unlike money. If you hide your knowledge, it gets rusted and will not be useful to anybody. We should not hesitate to learn from anybody, whether it is knowledge or respect or empathy. Ego is one of the main hurdle to make you a complete human being. If you come across people with high ego, just try to ignore them. At one point, they may try to take you to their level. Always try to keep away from such egoistic people. For many people, ego naturally comes with success. You should take success to your heart for inspiration, but not to the brain. The more your are successful, the more your need to bend yourself and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Always try to give respect by their attitude, but not by their position or job. Position or job is temporary, today your boss may become a subordinate to you in future. Respect the person, but not their position.

Broadly speaking you may find following types of individuals in your career. It may give you an idea of what type of individuals you may come across in your life and career. Let us have a look at those individuals:

1. Complete disgusting

Unfortunately if this kind of people become your boss, then you would have literally no life. They are driven by complete partiality. They are inspired by the politicians around them and you can call them complete senseless. They would try to defame you in front of your colleagues, always try to demotivate you, gives you every inspiration to go out of the company at the very earliest. Their way of interacting with the colleagues or subordinates is like a dictator. They would think having managerial position is something like a stone in monkey's hand. It can throw on anybody they want. You would never get any motivation to work for or with them. You feel like avoiding them all the time. Unfortunately, you cannot escape the fate, unless you resign from the Company. You may not be able to do it so easily, they would also know this very well, so they play the games with you until you go to death bed psychologically. One way, these people are helpful to you, they give you real inspiration to prove them wrong.

2. Politicians

This kind of people come to office just to play politics. They are the boot licker for their bosses and part of all the politics. They would try to survive or get promotions by way of politics. They would do the number one buttering for their bosses. They try to collect all the political news in the office and deliver to their bosses. There might be two types of politicians, one is having high levels of knowledge, still they believe on the politics and buttering, the other type is complete nil knowledge, but only good in playing politics. This kind of people are extremely dangerous that you never know when they can make your life miserable without your knowledge. They would talk all good things in front of you, but keep you at bay from the background. You should always be careful when interacting with such individuals.

3. In-secured

There are certain individuals who are very in-secured about their positions and they never intend to share anything with you. They would always try to keep the monopoly of what they know and never try to share anything with others, even it is a very small thing. They are so in-secured if they share anything with others, their jobs are at stake. Even if you are junior person to them and they have the responsibility to mentor, they would never try to help you. They would always try not share anything they know with others. It would be very difficult to get any type of knowledge from those people. They never work for the organisation but they live for their selfishness. Unfortunately, you need to work with such individuals.

4. Dependants

These kind of individuals completely survive on the knowledge of others. They would never try to learn anything on their own. They always try to get the information / help from others and try to complete their task. They will never feel shy in asking help from others. Either they get the help from others or they are masters in delegating the work. They would never make their hands dirty. It is the reason, they would never be in a position to learn anything new. Learning anything new would be a big headache for them. They always believe in their delegation or depend on the other people's knowledge. Once in a while anybody would ask for the help of others, but these people would solely survive on the knowledge and skills of other individuals.

5. Strict 9 to 5

Some people are very fortunate enough that they strictly work on 9 to 5 basis. They come at exactly 9 am and leave sharp by 5 pm. They do not even bother even if the world is breaking, they would strictly follow their timing. Out of these people, some people try work hard during the period, but some other people somehow physically spend the 8 hours times and go. You may feel jealous by seeing these people how they are managing to leave the office by sharp 5. It looks like salary is only their interest and nothing is beyond their interest. They do not even much bothered about the organisation as long as they are leaving the office by 5 pm and get their salary in time. Unfortunately, you cannot entrust any work to these people after 5 pm.

6. Pillars

These are the people who work like ants and never intend to take any rest. These people are the life blood of any organisation. No organisation can afford to miss this kind of people. They go for the extra mile and work hard. They would never look for the credit. Their only intention is to work loyally for the organisation. They do not even bother who is trying to steal their credit. Many people would survive by stealing the credit of these people's hard work. They work like warriors in the battlefield, at times they even neglect their families to give the very best to the organisation. If you are fortunate enough to work with such people, you could learn many good things from these individuals.

7. Knowledge Sharers

These people will have abundant knowledge. They would try to teach others and always willing to share their knowledge. They will have no hesitation in sharing the knowledge. They strongly believe that sharing the knowledge is only way to enhance their skills. They gain the knowledge by learning on a daily basis and sharing the same to the world. These people are selfless and never much bothered about the politics. They always strongly believe on their knowledge. They know that nobody can steal their knowledge. Their helpful natures gets the lot of fans and everybody admire them for their selfless deeds. An organisation is very fortunate enough to have such kind of people in the organisation. You will be very fortunate if you find such a colleague.

8. Great Managers

Many people leave companies because of the managers. But, if you are very fortunate enough, you would get a very supportive manager. They go to extra mile to give you the comfort level. They treat all their workforce equally and no way would they show the partiality between them. Always encourage them with motivational words and recognizing their talent to release the full potential of the individuals. They always encourage colleagues with the recognition letters, cash awards, sending them to the trainings, praising them during the meetings, instigating the motivation, creating a positive environment and team work. You hardly find very few such managers in your career. You would thoroughly enjoy working with such managers and you do not mind going for an extra for those wonderful people.

9. Competent Leaders

These people are CXO category people, who drive the company(ies), but they are short of visionaries. They are able to leaders to the lead their companies towards profitability and high growth of revenues. They may sometimes talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Charities, Philanthropic acts, but their heart and brain always revolving around net profit on the annual accounts. Though they are admired by many, they would never be remembered for life time. They may give 10 percent benefits to the employee at the same time they look how to 90% productivity from them. They are extremely good in motivating few hundreds, if not thousands with their words and thoughts. They end up spending life in satisfying shareholder, board of directors, employees, bankers and external public. For them this this becomes a vicious circle. Very fortunate people work with them to work closely with to watch the leadership qualities.

10. Visionaries

These people are one in a billion type people, you are emotionally connected with them till you die. When you see them or listen their name, you get goosebumps and you go to a different world psychologically with them. Their vision cut across the countries and boarders, their whole life is struggle for the humanity, philanthropy, technical brilliance and in inspiring the future generations. Great human beings like APJ Abdul Kalam, JRD Tata, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs comes under this category. Forget about working with them, just to see them would inspire you for ages. Some of them might be physically away from us, but they are always be in hearts forever and ever. We are very proud to say to our next generation, that we lived in some of these great people's era.

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