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Hello everyone! The summer is coming here at my side, how about you? As words like "hot", "vacations" are attracting some of our attention, let's discuss something less technical and serious but more practical and relaxing!

I know that most of the users here are well-employed and experienced in SAP industry. But how about the situations that you want to change to other companies, or swift to other modules, or become a freelancer instead of normal employee? And what will you say to a friend (consider him fresher in SAP) that is interested in SAP and want to get to know about it and eventually get a SAP job? You will recommend him to go here in SCN, right? So I do think that here in SCN Career we may have the need to talk about the real practical advice, straight forwardly: what are the site you choose to browsing for SAP jobs when needed?

I may list some sites I personally find useful and trust worthy, please do share with us your "secret weapons"!

1. SimplySAP: besides SAP jobs, this site also has SAP forums for SAP consultants or job seekers to communicate with each other;

2. the uniqueness of this site is that it has versions of English/Dutch/German/French, so that you can see precise job description other than ridiculous “translation";

3. All SAP Jobs-ExpertPlug: this site is focusing only on SAP jobs worldwide and it has the most SAP jobs than others. Recently they published a separate site for Emploi SAP en France;

4.  Indeed-SAP: for sure Indeed is not only for SAP but its search engine is easy to use and they offer salary trends for the jobs you're looking for which is indeed useful~

All right, this is all for me. I'm looking forward to hear yours!


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