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Article originally submitted by Nadja Perger.

Disruption: The SAP Academy for Early Talent in GCO is a breeding ground for highly skilled Sales and Presales professionals. The power and disruptive creativity of Academy Account Executives and Presales Associates is having a fundamental impact on our business. Read about their success stories and learn about initiatives for H2 2015.

Transformation in the Digital Economy: SAP Academy for Early Talent Drives Disruption

Revolutionary technology and the digital economy call for new approaches in customer engagement. Simplifying our business with the SAP Cloud powered by HANA means major disruption in everything we do. Disruption through technology is expected, but we must harness the power of this disruption and revolutionize how the digital transformation impacts our customers. SAP Academy for Early Talent is contributing to this by sending qualified, trained Sales and Presales Associates into the Field. Even before completing an 8 month program in Sales, or a 12 month program in Presales, the SAP Sales and Presales Associates are ready to positively disrupt the business in a major way.

Early Talents are multipliers of new and innovative selling motions and content, which they bring into every corner of the world. Being part of this unique, global program gives them the competitive advantage every employee in SAP wants: a diverse network of peers from over 50 countries. Utilizing this to their advantage, they are able to find innovative ways to discover new possibilities and turn them into opportunities. Hellen Milan (Brazil), a recent graduate, closed a top 10 Cloud deal with DASA in Q1 2015. Hellen says, “SAP Academy is a unique opportunity for Early Talent.  With Managers, Mentors, and Executive Sponsors that invest their time and resources into this program, believe in our capabilities, our energy, and our strengths – we can contribute greatly to this company.”

Since the SAP Academy opened in 2014 the impact of the Early Talent on the business has been significant:

  • 28% of the Academy graduates have closed deals compared to 18% of experienced hires in their first 6 months in the field.
  • Average deal size is 60% greater than externally hired, tenured Sales professionals.
  • By the end of this year, 602 Presales and Sales Associates will have participated in the program and moved into full time roles in their Market Units.
  • The 1st group of Academy graduates generated €189M in incremental pipeline and closed €10.5M revenue in Q1, their first quarter after transitioning to their field roles.
  • Presales Associates have added significant value; contributing to deals totaling €17M.

SAP Academy for Early Talent is a source of disruption for SAP’s way of doing business, but also has a sizable effect on graduate’s lives by accelerating their careers and giving them unique opportunities with Mentors, colleagues in the field, customers, and each other.  For example, Presales Associate Clara Favilla (Italy) returned from her Academy experience passionate about creating memorable customer engagements using innovative presentation skills and demo techniques.  Her work received great attention, and she was able to serve as a multiplier in her Market Unit, teaching new and tenured Presales colleagues the recipe for the perfect demo. Her materials have been scaled for use across EMEA.

Starting in September the SAP Academy for Early Talent is hiring again for Sales and Presales Associates 2016 classes. We are hiring approximately 280 Sales and Presales Associates. Here you find the internal and external links to apply. If you want to find out more about the SAP Academy for Early Talent, click here. To learn more about career opportunities for SAP Academy for Early Talent visit:


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