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Community Advocate


I recently participated in the SAP Social Sabbatical, a program for SAP employees to collaborate with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to tackle their business challenges in a period of four weeks as pro bono consultants in the country the organizations reside. Pro bono consulting is the practice of offering professional services to nonprofit organizations and underserved communities without charge. In the fast-paced world we live in, the idea of taking a break from our daily routines and embarking on such a social sabbatical holds an undeniable allure. The program is very unique and valuable to all participants and I am grateful forever to having had the opportunity to be part and learned so much. It offers the chance to step away from the demands of work, explore new horizons, and create meaningful impact. If you're interested in the powers of sabbaticals or pro bono work, this post is for you. The intention behind this blog post is to motivate everyone who is aspiring for personal growth by creating your own DIY-Social Sabbatical(s), but to also help former SAP Social Sabbatical participants to overcome their post-program emotions of "I wish I could experience it again" nostalgia. In this blog post, we will examine the transformative power of sabbatical and pro-bono consulting and challenge the notion that those are limited to just one opportunity in a lifetime.

During a sabbatical, you have the freedom to explore new territories, cultures, and perspectives. Whether you choose to travel (then read my post here), volunteer, learn a new skill, or pursue a personal project, a sabbatical opens doors to personal growth. The knowledge and experiences gained during this period can expand your horizons and leave a lasting impact on your life. And while one sabbatical can be immensely transformative, it doesn't mean that you can't have similar experiences in the future. While traditional sabbaticals may be associated with extended periods away from work, it is essential to remember that the concept of a sabbatical can be adapted to different circumstances. It can take the form of shorter breaks, extended weekends, or mini-retreats. By embracing these smaller-scale sabbaticals throughout our lives, we can continue to prioritize personal growth and rejuvenation, allowing us to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

When it comes to engagement in pro bono consulting, there are many opportunities to get involved anywhere and whenever you want. It can even be in your own neighborhood. There are many acceleration programs or initiatives that connect social entrepreneurs or NGOs with corporate professionals who could step in the role of a mentor or coach. This type of work provides a unique opportunity for you to develop new skills, broaden your experience, and expand your professional networks. Working with nonprofits often requires adaptability, creativity, and the ability to navigate diverse challenges. By participating in pro bono initiatives, you can enhance your problem-solving abilities, gain exposure to different sectors, and cultivate a sense of purpose in your work. One of the most rewarding aspects of pro bono consulting is the opportunity to make a tangible and lasting impact on communities and individuals in need. By leveraging their skills and knowledge, consultants can help nonprofits improve the lives of marginalized populations, drive social change, and create sustainable solutions to complex problems. The sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing you have made a difference is invaluable and can inspire a continued commitment to service.

While a program like the SAP Social Sabbatical can indeed be a transformative and life-changing experience, it does not have to be limited to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. By embracing the essence of a sabbatical, we can infuse our lives with the spirit of renewal, even beyond a single extended break. Whether you are a seasoned consultant or a professional considering pro bono work, engaging in this practice even separately from a sabbatical not only benefits those in need but also offers personal and professional growth opportunities. Let us  explore ways to incorporate elements of sabbatical-like experiences as well as social engagement such as pro bono consulting into our regular lives. By doing so, we can continually nurture our well-being, broaden our horizons, and embrace a life of purpose, growth, and fulfillment while at the same time giving back to the community and create a more equitable and compassionate world.


What are your experiences with sabbaticals? Or with social engagement? How are you making a meaningful impact? I'd like to learn from your experiences.


I am committed to continue my social engagement through pro bono work and will add more sabbatical-like experiences to my life. How about you? 

Read here a personal conclusion about the program by Mujahid Emambokus, the founder of the sustainable and social enterprise Morivert, with whom my SAP colleagues and I worked with for the SAP Social Sabbatical. 

You can learn more about the SAP Social Sabbatical here: and read my personal reflections about the program here.