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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

You may ask the question how do boomerangs come back to you? Apparently, returning boomerangs have a special curved shape and two or more wings that will spin to create unbalanced aerodynamic forces. These forces cause the boomerang's path to curve in an elliptical shape, so that it will return to the thrower when thrown correctly. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s an intriguing phenomenon.

At SAP, we have been experiencing this boomerang effect for years and several “SAP Boomerangs” kindly shared their individual experiences and reasons for returning to us. All of whom decided at some point in their careers to leave SAP, at least for a period of time. Despite these potential new horizons, they all remained true to the boomerang concept and happily returned to SAP. Hear it for yourself on the special SAP forces that both welcomed and attracted each of them back into the SAP family.


No Plans of Leaving SAP Again!


Kolby Dickens who is now a Senior Customer Success Partner for SAP Concur missed the people and the culture in SAP but he is “so thankful to have this new appreciation and perspective on just how special it is to be a part of the SAP family!”. You can also read more about his return journey here.


Rejoined SAP as an AI Expert


The caption says it all for Shravanthi Arvind Patil who is now an SAP Senior Product Manager. Her decision to return was made with such ease, “I am grateful to such a thriving community at SAP that made my return to SAP a success”.

The reason? Simple, “It is indeed the people, the network, and the culture at SAP, that truly stands out, draws alumni back and drives the SAP boomerangs!”.

Shravanthi is ready now to find out how AI can continue to impact actual business, in an ethical, safe, and reliable mode. You can read more about her intriguing return to SAP here.


Happy to be Back at SAP


Etosha Thurman and Achim Voermanek, two “Boomerangs” share their stories for coming back to SAP after leaving to work with other companies.  Achim is involved in the Solution and Marketing Area in SAP and Etosha’s works as Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer, both working as colleagues once more.

They share the same interests at heart: “Eager to find the right market opportunities for the business to pursue, to find the right product market fit, and happy to have found the right match for themselves with SAP”.

Listen to their “boomerang” story on our SAP Alumni Portal here.


Home is Where the Heart of SAP is


Cayo Betancourt shares his returning journey back to SAP, now working as Autism at Work Co-Lead at SAP LAC North with a passion to “influence new generations through education & career opportunities”.

Returning to SAP has brought positivity and opportunities into Cayo’s life, “Now that I have been recruited at SAP it seems like a new life has started!  I see a borderless career development path where age and neurodiversity become shallow obstacles, transformed into strengths.”

Take a look at his personal return here.


From Mulligan to Hole in One


Pascal Jacob Bersano, is an Academy Account Executive who enlightens us on his 2nd homecoming to SAP. Persistence and passion to help people and make the world a better place are just some of the reasons for his calling to SAP.

“I truly believe that each of us can make a lasting impact and all we need is openness and the spirit of working for a better tomorrow - internally and externally”.

Read more on the personal significance of Pascal’s return to SAP here.


Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady Boomerang


Chiara Bersano shares her personal experience on becoming a triple “boomerang” to SAP. She’s now working as People & Technology Strategist but has a long running career with SAP, excluding her breakaways due to different reasons.

However, she is delighted to feel part of the family no matter the timing of her career returns to SAP, proudly stating, “Belonging is part of our culture, No matter how many times I return, I always feel that I belong”.

Why not take a read of her story for yourself right here.


In my Heart, Have I Ever Left SAP?



Theiss Heilker highlights what it is exactly, that captivated him with SAP. Theiss has always been curious but something in SAP had a grip on his thoughts and ideas and wanted to share these back at SAP’s organization.

Now, he’s working as a Transformation Advisor at SAP Signavio and couldn’t be happier. He see’s lots of elements of personal value at SAP but most importantly, “if you have an idea at SAP, you will always find an open door and someone willing to help you. This is clearly what makes SAP so unique for me: it’s the people.”
Find out more about Theiss’s story here.

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