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On June 14–16, SAP's Internship Experience Project (SAP iXp) hosted their annual North America Summit in Seattle, WA — its largest intern gathering of the year. About 250 interns from cities across the U.S. and Vancouver, Canada attended the two-day conference where they learned from leaders across SAP about the state of our business units and the myriad opportunities that await for them to explore.

Some of the keynotes included Peter Weigt, Head of SAP Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, Dan Dapper, Vice President, SAP Ariba, Mika Yamamoto, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP SMB Team, and Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer, Managing Director in Silicon Valley.

Throughout the Summit, interns used SAP iXp's hashtag #MyiXpStory to share their experiences. They were given special tools to do so, including a set of fish-eye lenses that latch onto smartphones and the incentive for an Apple Watch to the person with the most popular Tweet.

As you might imagine, the Tweets came pouring through. And what do you get from a group of 250 brilliant minds? Witty, hilarious, inspiring and ... yes, some wildly entertaining Tweets.

Here's the compiled list of our favorite Tweets (click the images to view on Twitter):


Spotted: A herd of 40 Palo Alto SAP iXp interns at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Papa-paparazzi!



True or false? iXp Summit is fresher than a tossed fish at Pike Place Market. #True


Why, thank you @itsmaggs! It only took a room full of people and a few hours later to plan, unlike this case.



When a gum wall trick goes horribly wrong. You got us, @To0_Real_Peter.



Up in the real cloud! We're shocked you were able to see the skyline with the rain. Thumbs up!



Oh, the little things in life, indeed. These were deee ... wait for it ... licious!



Think these nails would look good with an Apple Watch? Nailbiter, we know!

#Dedication #ContestWinner #NailedIt



We think SAP iXp class of 2017 is definitely crazy enough to change the world!



Live from "The Voice" at Summit. Tis' true, iXp's got talent ... and grit! Kudos to all of our interns who built guitars for the Boys and Girls Club of King County.



Cute photo! That's all.



Jimmy Hendrix in the house! 'Nuff said.



Celebrity shot! Glad you had your moment of fame, @gregbellano, and that you walked away with some new insight from our SAP leaders! 🙂



Remember when @l_korthuis hijacked the Apple Watch so you'd up your Twitter game at the Summit? We think it worked ... see below ...


@King_Tessa123: You are the official Twitter QUEEN! Way to "Tell it like it is," one of SAP's How We Run Behaviors. We knew we hired you for a good reason.



Great quote from our keynote @UXSamYen, Chief Design Officer at SAP. Think about that as we head into the next 3 years!



Design thinking disco style. Neon lights make you 99% more creative, we think.



Represent! Love this girl power. #YouSlay



That green screen really makes your eyes pop.



When you get that sweet fish-eye-lens shot. #Gold

“Surely one of the most visible lessons taught by the 20th century has been the existence, not so much of a number of different realities, but of a number of different lenses with which to see the same reality.” -Michael Arlen





Ha ha ha! Maybe Drew Carey can emcee next year's Summit.



Thinking real hard here. Way to go! #DeepInThought



Would you like some cream or sugar with that #covfefe?



In the wise words of our keynote speaker @PeterWeigt, Head of SAP Innovation Center: "Opportunities are like bubble tea, you have to suck each one of them up when you get them."


From all of us on the SAP iXp team: Thank you iXp interns for keeping us entertained throughout Summit with your awesome Tweets! Keep them coming with #MyiXpStory.

We can't wait to see your #progress as you find your #purpose!


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