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On Thursday, February 1SAP.iO and The Hive Think Tank hosted a panel on Enterprise Chatbots and AI at SAP Palo Alto. Participants and panelists included:

  • Odile Roujol, former Lancôme CEO and Advisor of The Hive

  • Merrielle Spain, Product Manager, Google

  • Arushi Raghuvanshi, Machine Learning Engineer, Cisco

  • Tessa Price, Senior Associate, Business Development, Slack

  • Oana Olteanu, Senior Associate, SAP.iO Fund

The discussion covered chatbot adoption, use cases, and challenges. Key messages from the panel included adoption of enterprise chatbots, which is dependent on addressing productivity, time, or money gains (anything that brings enterprise-scale value), reliability, and a smooth onboarding customer experience; a bot’s “personality” including voice or word choice can differ; use cases in the enterprise space, which include making meeting dial-in/connections more seamless or making feedback easier to compile through the use of surveys; challenges with bots like miscommunication (e.g. a bot misinterpreting a command), bot amnesia (e.g. a bot forgetting the context for a continued conversation), “bot inception” (e.g. needing a bot to monitor another bot), discovery of bots, monetization, and creation of domain-specific bots; and bots having yet to reach their full potential.

As more data is compiled, more adjustments and additions can be made to bots to improve the ways in which they can serve or help us.

In summary, the adoption of enterprise chatbots is on the rise, their use cases and uses growing in volume, and the potential of their capabilities and functions not yet experienced to its full extent.

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@gabriela.trujilo - thanks for sharing the video - some very interesting insights and discussion on the topic.
paul.aschmann Happy to! The discussion was definitely interesting + informative!