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Updating and Upgrading a SAP system is time consuming task and involves various activities. And this is something which you cannot just skip. As wise man says “Good things comes with price”. By price, I am more focusing here on the effort involved. One of such tedious effort goes into SPDD and SPAU adjustments. High effort mainly because of the complexity and monotonous activity involved. A complex but critical phase in the upgrade and update scenario.

In this blog, I would focus on one such activity which is resetting of obsolete notes in SPAU. And before we reach into the main crux of this blog, I would like to explain what actually it means. Okay, a lot has been already written about it in several forums, I am just adding to it.

Obsolete notes appear in SPAU transaction marked with grey light. This means that the corrections contained in these notes are no longer applicable for the system now. They are obsolete.  The correction is contained in the upgrade or in the imported Support Package. Hence, this needs to be reset or in other words back to SAP standard as delivered.

Generally we do have very large number of such notes especially in case of upgrade. Currently in order to perform the reset to original, we need to this one by one and lock the changes in a transport request. Transport Request is required in order to transport this to subsequent system in the landscape i.e. test and then production system. Doing this one by one for all obsolete notes is monotonous and time consuming task.

Think of a situation where in you just need to click a button and all the obsolete notes are reset to original and locked into transport request and that too in background. This will save lot of time and less error prone as well. Also in the end you are presented with the log of entire operations, which all notes were reset and which were not along with the error details. This will also provide information in case note is archived, notes to be downloaded again etc. This would be an ideal scenario.

This scenario will soon be reality. Note numbers will be provided through which you can get benefit from this feature. Please comment and provide your feedback.

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