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SAP’s role in the healthcare sector has been getting increasingly more prominent in recent months. With SAP getting some serious attention earlier this year for a pilot program with PHEMI Health Systems and the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St. Paul’s Hospital revolutionizing treatment plans for patients in British Columbia, it’s no surprise SAP is getting another nod for its work in pumping up the local blood supply for Canadian Blood Services (CBS). Recognized for our significant contributions at CBS’s Honouring Our Lifeblood Gala on September 15, SAP is also helping put technology into the inner workings of the company. Find out how CBS is using CRM to manage outreach campaigns across the country, and how one local Canadian office is making its own contribution to making sure that there’s never a shortage of blood for those in need.

At the 2013 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, Canadian Blood Services shared how they were using CRM to manage their targeted outreach campaigns to donors. Using CRM to automate and optimize their call lists based on external systems, reaching out to donors is easier than ever before. With over a million whole blood and apheresis donations made last year, a critical element of the donation process is making an appointment. When you consider CBS runs 22,000 clinic events per year, at 43 permanent and 1000 mobile collection sites, the demand to streamline the process is pretty high.

Called the Campaign Management Solution (CMS), the process for managing the 400,000 recruitment calls, 12,000 recruitment emails and 94,000 AVM and reminder emails CBS makes per month, has been improved. With CMS, the Center for Blood Services is able to better align its strategy to recruit, schedule and retain its donors. Providing a flexible appointment booking solution whereby CBS can align appointments to blood type targets, customer service interactions with their donors has increased dramatically. Automating its reminder campaigns, CBS is able to streamline (and simplify) the amount of communications donors receive prior to their appointments. It’s eliminating paper recruitment lists, and for a business who relies on the personal touch, it is the model for driving efficiency.

Driving efficiency is so important to CBS, in fact, they are quite enthusiastic about having a conversation about how they might move some areas of their business into the cloud. As the database provider for hospitals, researchers and organ donation clinics across Canada, CBS is looking to automate other key processes. “They are exploring the possibility of leveraging SAP HANA and Fiori to streamline data management and reporting as well as other clinic management processes,” said Marc Caron, Account Executive for CBS. “We are looking forward to continuing our discussion on how an integrated solution will help them further automate those processes.”

Speaking of personal touch, SAP garnered its recent award with CBS for hosting 21 blood donation clinics in the past four years alone, bringing in more than 660 units of blood to date. “Every 56 days, we host a local event to keep donations high,” said David Hilton, Senior Support Engineer and SAP’s Partners for Life Champion. “We’re always promoting blood donation and about the need for blood through a variety of on-site events and roundtable discussions.” With almost thirty percent of SAP’s donations coming from new or recently reinstated donors, SAP is really walking the talk when it comes to keeping the donor relationship flourishing.

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