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Hi All,

I am writing this post to bring to the notice of the community of doing SAP Certification and its benefits.

Before that I would like to mention something about my background.

I qualified B.Com in 1998 and joined Chartered Accountancy(CA) firm as Articled Trainee.

Ultimately after not qualifying for CA Inter, I left CA and did MBA(2004-06).

Subsequent to MBA I joined in a big IT Services company in internal audit department and then I was laterally transferred to the Service order loading team.

After working for 5 years, due to personal reason I had to quit my job in 2011.

The personal reason was that my mother was suffering from Cancer and was in her last stages.

After my mother passed away, I joined SAP FI Course in March 2012.

I joined at NIIT Bangalore and was on online student. I gave my first attempt for SAP Certification on August 2012 but unfortunately could not clear.

I redoubled my efforts and appeared rather re-appeared on October 2012 which I cleared.

Then since November 2012, I am looking to work in SAP field but it is not happening.

The fact that NIIT closed down their SAP division is also not helping me at all. Folks at NIIT are also not getting me placed.

Now, it is April 2013 soon to become May 2013 and hence for more than six months after I cleared my certification I am without any job.

In other words, I cannot get myself gainfully employed in the field of SAP.

Now all working people know the benefits of "real - life" practical situation. Just theoretical knowledge cannot be of much help.

If I am "on-the-job", I can learn a lot and that is what I am looking for.

Now things have reached such a stage that I am thinking to join a "non accredited" SAP training institute which gets placement as well.

Should I join the institute which charges a fraction of the cost of authorized institute after qualifying my Certification?

Where does this leave the genuine Authorized Institute students with respect to the job market.

After spending a lot of money we expect at least an entry level job in SAP field.

I did attend few interviews (four to be precise). All did not happen or have not happened till now. I will not mention the companies.

But I can mention what happened.

In the first one,the interview was arranged by NIIT. I was supposedly disqualified because I was not a 'classroom' student. But tell me people, when SAP does not mention in the Certificate if a holder is 'online trained' or 'classroom trained' should there be discrimination elsewhere? I too need a job as much as a 'classroom' trained candidate.

Second and third interviews which I attended through walk-in they did not get back to me after second round.

Fourth interview was a walk in as well and the guy said that, they wanted experience candidates i.e. candidates at least with 2 years experience. Here one more point comes to mind: How will one get experience if one is not given a chance in the first place? Is there no value of Certification? A guy without certification may get a job because he has worked in SAP field after doing a small course in SAP at a fraction of the Authorized center's cost.

I did get the forum rules, that we should not be selling our company or pitching for business through the forum.

But I am questioning my decision to do SAP training with authorized institute and SAP as a brand and the Certificate value.

I think this is a genuine case as I am now almost 12 months plus into SAP and six months plus after certification still without getting any benefit in the form of opportunity.

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