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SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge - The Stories That Made UsSAP Autism Inclusion Pledge - The Stories That Made Us

Stories capture our hearts. Stories can illustrate our experiences. I invite you to explore our new series and explore The Stories That Made Us.

Since 2013, the SAP Autism at Work (AaW) program’s vision has been to leverage the unique abilities and perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum to foster innovation. It started with a simple idea, yet we have seen the outcomes of this program change lives and be a source of inspiration for 100+ companies. The future continues to hold immense potential and builds upon the accomplishments of the last decade and the enduring career and personal impacts witnessed.

The Stories That Made Us series is a celebration of the diverse group of SAP colleagues and their ongoing journeys. It offers a closer look at how an inclusive mindset is touching people’s lives. Learn about the individuals who defy expectations, challenge norms, elevate their careers and the lives of those around them, and embody the essence of what it means to be human.

Through these stories of our employees on the spectrum and allies, we find connection, empathy, and a renewed sense of hope for the world around us!

Both now and in the upcoming months, join us as we celebrate the voices of our colleagues from around the world:

  • Marcia: My Journey with Autism – Personal and Professional Impacts
  • Brian: SAP Autism at Work in Vancouver
  • Andrea: Connections Beyond Measure

And many others to come...

Over the years, many SAP customers, partners, and colleagues have asked for insights into...

  • Getting Started
  • Creating a Program
  • Expanding a Program

To support our customers and partners in furthering their own inclusion journey, we openly share our best practices through the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge, which has a curated collection of resources including documents, what's new, and upcoming webcasts.

Together we can empower organizations to embrace autism and neurodiversity inclusion practices that make an enormous impact especially when incorporated into mainstream inclusive work environments.

Stay informed. Visit the Pledge site. Subscribe to the occasional updates.

Explore The Stories That Made Us!

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Thanks for sharing! Great that SAP provides resources and opportunities for neurodiverse workers around the globe based on their skills, education, and work experiences. Interesting to learn about a variety of journeys, which have contributed to great jobs, career opportunities, and life changing impact. Appreciate that many how-to's and best practices are shared on the Pledge site for any organization (or individual) to review.