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I have got invitation from grace.chiu to write my purpose challenge. I read all purpose challenge, so I thought I can also read my purpose challenge...

I an Dev Patra, As you can read my BIF for my details introduction Blog It Forward- Dev Patra

So I think I don't have to tell my introduction...

After mu education, I have joined an organization which was based on a manufacturing company..

In that day, my organization was working in Legacy system, I have worked as a data entry user. Then my company decided to implement SAP.

When I heard about SAP, I am very much crazy about SAP, At the time of implementation, I have worked with SAP from morning 10am to night 11 pm..

As you can see I am much crazy about SAP, so I left my all daily work and have given all concentrate in SAP learning..

So it was a big trouble for me, My organization warn me to complete my daily work. But I was very much interested in SAP, so I can't complete my daily work.

And after 3 months, My organization wants to sack me from job just because of I can;t complete my daily work and I had given all time to SAP team to learn SAP.

So I take a risk to leave the company, I have submitted my resignation in my organization...

But my boss was not able to accept my resignation, because I was a valuable employee at that time in legacy operating system..

So he told me that, please at least complete your daily work, then you can spend time with SAP team.

But I wan not agree with that... I told him that I want to learn SAP, if I don't get sufficient time to learn SAP, then I will leave my Job.

So at that time my organization decide to shifted me with SAP team.. From that time to now I am working in same organization..

I have worked 6 years in the same organization..

Now In my organization, I am only MM consultant...So at my working purpose, I have to manage all things which is related to MM module...In these days, I have a lots of work in my office.

Recently I got a roll-out project in my organization, they want to implement SAP MM and SD module for a company.. We have the organization structure, we have to just create a company code and plant and assignment.. I have done the all configuration. It was working fine...

Last week I was in my home.

Suddenly I got a call from my boss, he told me "Where are you ? Come to office immediately."

I have reached in office as soon as possible..

I saw our auditor gets a huge amount for a business transaction. Its a fault of my boss. Wrongly he gave the date 01.04.2003 instead of 01.04.2013.

So system shows him a lots of amount, which is not valid for this fiscal year...

I saw the report and I also shocked.. Then I checked my boss's laptop, then I fount he gave the date of 2003. So its fetch a huge amount...

Now our SAP is running smooth and well... And I am also a settle person in SAP MM module...

1. My purpose in my work is definitely not fun. I tried figure out and after this experience I realized it really wasn't for me, but it is.

2. Honestly saying, from SCN-MM space, I gat the inspiration to learn new things.

Join in on the challenge

To get this challenge started, I am inviting you to join in on the conversation. If you are interested in sharing your stories, please post a blog in the Career Center space here on SCN with “Run with Purpose Challenge” in your blog title and respond back to one of the questions below:

  1. My purpose in my work is definitely not ___. I tried ___ out and after this experience I realized it really wasn't for me, but ___ is. (Give an example of something you tried that may not have worked out, or has helped redirect you to work that has been more enjoyable and rewarding for you.)
  2. What inspires you the most about your work right now?
  3. How do your passions contribute to your work?
  4. How does having purpose/passions in your work allowed for career success or advancement?
  5. How do you think your work create a positive impact for other people or the world?
  6. What does it mean to run with purpose and how does it relate to the work you do?

Share a fun fact and photo of yourself along with your blog post, or a photo of your office or country if you’re camera-shy like me! :smile:

Don't forget to also invite a friend or colleague to join in on the conversation!

Enjoy and have fun!

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