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In November, SAP Labs China’s Runner Club participated in two marathon events, Shanghai International Marathon on Nov. 7 and Hangzhou Marathon on Nov. 1.

How We Run

At 6 o’clock on the chilly Sunday morning, our runners and volunteers gathered at a crossroad near the starting point of Shanghai International Marathon 2015, the 20th anniversary of the event, and took a group photo. One hour later 21 SAP runners joined the larger group and started their marathon journey.

Run One SAP

Although the Club is organized and sponsored by Labs China, members includes colleagues from Labs China, GSS China, and Field, demonstrating One SAP spirit. Club members do trainings on a regular basis and participated in various running events in group, which not only provides networking opportunities for members to know each other and foster team spirit across different teams. The Club is like a small model of SAP Family, warm and supportive.

We build bridges and embrace differences.

Special Thanks

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the four volunteers who accompanied us from beginning to end. They set out very early in the morning to meet us at the start point and have waited to meet us again at the finish till the last runner arrived. Their dedication and contribution encouraged us and warmed our hearts in the long 42.195 km’s journey. They are: Melody & Joanne from Labs China Management, Huan Yang from SME, and Marina from Education.” :smile:

                                             ----Mengjiao Wang from CI&SP, co-founder of SAP Runner Club

Runner List

SH Full Marathon

  • Vincent Bai
  • Richard Guo
  • Johann Hu
  • Vince Lu (3:05)
  • Mengjiao Wang
  • Wei Wu
  • Beiyang Xu
  • Rick Yu
  • Yolanda Yu
  • Tom Zeng
  • Edmund Zhang

SH Half Marathon

  • Cassie Cao
  • Kevin Jin
  • Jerry Lou
  • Phipps Xue

Besides full and half marathon runners, Karen Zhao and Terry Gu from GS joined the 10 KM, and Kevin Jia, Bonnie Xie, Sammi Xu, and Helen Zhang the 5 KM.

HZ Full Marathon

Four colleagues from SAP Runner Club finished the Hangzhou Marathon on a cold raining day, however their results were excellent, less than 4 hours; and the half marathon runner Yan Zhao also finished in 2 hours.

  • Johann Hu, Full, 3:52
  • Dazhi Xu, Full, 3:38
  • Yolanda Yu, Full, 3:48
  • Yan Zhao, Half, 1:57