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Originally authored by Trisha Heah, UKI Presales Analyst.

I’m a 163cm Malaysian born Chinese currently working in SAP as a Presales Intern. Coming from a multicultural country that consists of three main races thought me 3 things:

1) The importance of Diversity (Hence one of the reasons why I love London)

2) Being open minded

3) A hunger for out of this world delicious food! (To people who aren’t familiar with the food in Malaysia, you’re missing out)

I am currently studying Management in CASS Business School. CASS Business School is the business side to City University London where we’re ranked no.1 for business in London, 2nd in UK. Coming to CASS has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Why? The students in CASS are motivated and hungry. A lot of students have their own start-ups.

Based on my observation, there’s a significant amount of students wanting to pursue work in banks, consulting firms and the Big 4 [audit firms]. The idea of prestige and money draws them. I know this because I was one of them.

During my placement application period, I only thing which I had in mind was Sales & Consulting in top tier banks, the big 4 and consulting firms. However, I stumbled upon the application for SAP to work under the Chief Operating Officer UKI. I applied to SAP because of the access to senior leadership. Based on my prior work experience with KPMG and CIMB Bank (ASEAN’s top bank), I knew that this invaluable experience was worth more than gold.

After my interview with the COO, I realised how much SAP had to offer in terms of development and the scope the job entailed. I was also taken aback by the nature of the interview. The COO actually tried to get to know me… Whereas during my interviews with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc., I was drilled on my technical and commercial knowledge while being thrown curved balls.


1) Pitch me a stock

2) What’s 17/3

3) What is the Volcker Rule?

4) How many toothbrushes are there in London?

After 8 months being in SAP, I can confidently say that SAP is a great place that nurtures development where the hierarchy is flat. During my COO support role, I worked with the COO Senior Leadership Directors and within my 3rd week, I was demoing an app to the Executive board. Working under the COO gave me a great high level view of what SAP does. Trust me, it’s complicated. I then progressed to support my current manager, Richard Stokes, UKI Presales Director. The direction, support and investment Richard provided, allowed me to develop and drive my own initiatives- Magic in Presales, Sales TV and be a key stakeholder for a key business process. Ownership of work drives me.

Future advice to Early Talent or new joiners: The rumour about the SAP Store... is not a rumour. The free food in SAP is delicious and abundant.

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