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SAP Labs France was created on 1998 and it works under the direction of MD. Hanno KLAUSMEIER

The first thing you need to know is that SAP Labs France has 3 main activities

a)    Technical Support

b)    Development

c)    Research

Research teams are focused on e- government and public safety applications. For these research objectives we have close collaborations with external partners such as EURECOM Institute, SKEMA Business School, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis among others that provide support and resources for the research projects.

Additionally SAP Labs France hosts the development, implementation and support activities of the SAP Convergent Charging solution. This takes place at its site of Caen which became part of SAP Labs France since 2011 after SAP’s acquisition of the company Highdeal.

On the other hand, SAP Technical Support focuses on the French market and the development, implementation and deployment of SAP Solution Manager. In this way they help our customers to ensure business continuity and driving business process improvement.

Since some years now; SAP Labs France also supports the University Alliances activities for France & Maghreb, helping in this way one of the missions of SLN which is to expose more than 1’000000 students to SAP HANA. Not only this; but also SAP Labs France is very interested on going beyond the exposure to our technology and is hugely invested on ensuring that more and more Universities go up until the SAP TERP 10 certification for their students.

Our Sites:

SAP Labs France is composed by 3 sites:

  • Mougins – Head Quarters
  • Paris
  • Caen

The 3 of the sites are wonderfully located and have great activities for employees.

For example, the Caen and Mougins sites are located close to the beach so it makes it a great location to work and live as employees can make afternoon activities at the sea; such as kite-surfing or sailing.

On the other hand; the Paris’ site is at the south west of the country’s capital. Working in this dynamic city gives employees many options for amusement during the after-work hours in the week.

Mougins’ site is located at the Sophia Antipolis technopole; which means that they are surrounded by many technology companies and educational institutions such as Amadeus; EURECOM, INRIA etc. This environment helps SAP Labs to make several strategic collaborations that allows us to create interesting research projects based on our technology.

Quick figures

SAP Labs France has:

  • 385 Employees in total for the 3 sites
  • 25,2% of women employment
  • 33 different nationalities collaborating in the same Labs (yes, diversity is our second name!).
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