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I've Seen it a Million Times.

A person spends hours on an overloaded, content heavy PowerPoint, and then delivers it to his audience by reading the slides without emotion or impact. The audience is either lost, or bored. They are uninspired. The information goes in one ear, and out the other. The speaker is nervous, and never engages his audience.

Are You Part of This Reality Below?

Who am I to Judge?

My name is Patrick Muyal, and I work closely with both Retail SM and DEV on the CAR / POSDM Powered by HANA projects. My main focus is ‘go to market’, as well as CEI related activities. In addition to my current role, I am the DKOM speaker coach for Montreal and Palo Alto. 

In the past, I have delivered dozens of onsite demos and presentations to end users and C level executives around the globe in 3 languages.

I have also provided multiple Presentation Skills sessions in Montreal , Scottsdale, Palo Alto, and Newtown Square. The skills sessions have thus far received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all attendees, which has included PO’s, developers, sales, IMS, Partner Client Advisors, and consultants.

Sample Feedback:

I focus on key pillars of presentation skills and public speaking, including eye contact, preparation, tone, body language, etc.

Stop the madness! Do you want to be ordinary, or extraodinary? You need to start engaging with your audience by asking questions and telling stories! Practice is key! Know your topic inside out! These are just some of the pillars I try to hammer into all of my students!

I also work with colleagues on perfecting slides / PowerPoint, to remove clutter and to be more effective during live and virtual meetings. These skills are essential for any professional!

My course plan is based on the strong foundation and mentoring that Gabi Herzog, the SAP Worldwide Presentation coaching lead built through her training to hundreds of colleagues and high level executives and customers.

For more information, or to schedule a training session for you or your team at SAP, send me an email at



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