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I am big foodie. When we sit down to eat, we eat with our eyes first. The way we plate and present the food is as important as the taste of the food. A key to plating is artistic flare by creating eye appeal. This will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. Even if you are not hungry you will have a tendency to taste it.

Same is applicable with the apps we create. Our aim should be to make our apps visually appealing to such a level that our users/customers should not think twice before buying/having it.

Now the question is how you can create an app which is visually appealing to such a level.

In this post I will be detailing about an application which will assist a salesperson/buyer in a car sales showroom.

The Business Scenario and its limitations: -

When an end user walks into a Car showroom he expects to view all the cars with all sorts of features and accessories. Even if he has a mindset to buy a particular car, he might end up buying something else if something interests him at that moment.

We have a tendency to check different cars /variants before we take the “Right Decision”.


It is really impossible to have all the models in a showroom. A sales person can update the customer verbally or by showing photographs of the car models. The end user can never have the feel how the car would look like if he attaches a particular accessory/a particular paint to that car if the car is not physically present at that time. If the end customer insists on having a look/test drive on the car he wanted he might need to wait. In this time he may lose interest on that particular car he wanted initially. This will certainly result in Business loss for the particular showroom/car company.

But instead if we have a UI/App where the sales representative can host a particular real life car model on customer’s request with the default features and change the configuration as per the customer's wish and have the price of the model updated upfront of the customer. A visual UI with the dynamic feature of Visual Configurator (VC) is more appealing to a customer and customer can also take decision based on the budget and exclude/include more features on the go.

To add more along with using SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer (Right Hemisphere) in our SAP UI5 screen, we can project the app in a big HD screen and control it via Leap Motion to have the WOW effect or even ask the customer to check it himself.

This Dynamic Visual VC can be also used by Paint companies. Before painting their real homes customers can now try different paints on their house CAD models and then take the correct decision on which paints to buy instead of painting the house and regretting later.

To know more on SAP Visual Enterprise, check out
You can also have a look at our SAP Teched 2013 Demo (SAP INTELLIDEN). In this app we have embedded our house cad model using SAP Visual Enterprise in our UI5 application.

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