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What is the career path for a SAP Consultant?

How many years does it take to become a Senior Consultant?

Does this job pay handsome money?

Should I need to become an expert in my key module or should I expand my horizones to more?

How long does a project go for and what's the team size?

Will it be off site or on site and how much learnings will be there?

What if a project takes longer time than the deadline we gave to the client?

And if we complete it on an earlier date, will there be any additional benefits?

What are the developments in this field?

Is there any new modules which are highly demanded right now?

Is there any shortcut to get more experience of implementations etc. in a short span of time?

These were few among many questions arising in my mind, when I first walked into the doors of the company, I am sitting in. Well, its just 4th day of my job, which you may call as a honeymoon period. But, I am feeling like I am getting all the answers very quickly. Earlier I thought I was wrong when I chose this field. Even after clearing certification, It was so tough for me to find a good job as everywhere Experience in SAP (even End user experience) was pre-requisite. I didn't know, until how long my patience and hopes will stay with me. But finally, call it the fruit of prayers or my good fortune, that I got a good start in this field.

I scored 100% in the certification exam in the module, I chose. Yet, I found that the practical world doesn't care for that. What it looks, is just how many projects and years of experiences, you've mentioned in your CV. Of course, that's an essential part of any job requirement. But still, give a chance to newbies too. Try to analyse the candidate, based on his/her strong interest in this field, no matter what. The interest and passion is what makes a candidate perfect. Not any Experience. I might have worked as an end user in the SAP environment, Yet I might not be interested in this at all. Still, merely by looking at the growth in this field and the handsome compensation, many candidates shift to SAP. And luckily, they are preferred to those, who recently cleared a certification exam and are very much passionate.

Let me ask you. Being an end user, and shifting your career path to SAP, did you ever come across the questions I mentioned above? Mostly people are saying YES, just because they see the question of compensation & growth. That merely doesn't define your interest. I tell you, you didn't think of anything else but money.

I am very very junior to all the experts here. I don't have any project work experience in this. But, this thing I am pretty much sure about is that I will be getting a very good exposure soon. I won't stop my learnings at any point. I love SAP. This is my passion. I know there are so many other ERP packages too. But SAP is a global leader in this field. Growth, Learnings, Self Development, Quality Work and Consistency...That's all, I am focusing on.

Hopefully, I'll post my experience in this company soon. Fingers Crossed !! Excitement on peak !! Right now I am an Associate Consultant here. But, I will try my best to develop myself further and become a Senior Consultant, soon.....

***. Consultant >>> Consultant >>> Senior Consultant >>> Project Manager >>> Program Manager and then also, I won't stop my learnings. Hope for the best !!

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