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One of the great things about working in a global organization is having the opportunity to speak to colleagues around the world about their Life at SAP. I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of women from all careers levels in the Nordics region about their careers, and what drives them. One of those women was Siw Bergesen Wilmo.

Siw works in Norway, but as a teenager lived in Bogota, Colombia:

“I lived 3 years in Colombia during Pablo Escobar’s time so for safety reasons I had to move to boarding school in the UK at the age of 16. I returned to Norway at the age of 19 and since then I have been based in Oslo. In parallel to work I took my MBA at Warwick Business School in UK.”

Having worked for many IT businesses in the past, Siw already knew about SAP and in March 2016 started in her role a Solution Sales Engagement Manager.

“I work as a Solution Sales Engagement Manager at SAP Innovative Business Solution (IBSO) helping customer turn ideas into products. IBSO develop customer specific software, based on customer requirement, a natural extension to SAP software or new solutions, covered by SAP maintenance like standard SAP Software. This is a very unique offering from SAP, and to my understanding the only offering of its kind among the larger software companies.

Having spoken to SAP employees, I got a good sense of the company’s values, the sales and social culture and the potential for growing your skills – no filters. This appealed to me as I am a social person who enjoys getting teams to work well together. When I applied for my role it was very different to what I had done in the past so it was a good opportunity to learn, and fast!

At SAP there is a strong culture to continuously build knowledge and bring bold ideas forward. This is clear in the competency of our employees, both technical, industry and with a deep understanding of customers challenges. The innovative projects that SAP are involved in are also very inspiring, to see how we can use new technology to improve business processes, people’s lives and most importantly, generate new business areas for our customers.”

Outside of work Siw is very active, and a mother to two teenagers.

“My family all enjoy skiing during winter, and being close the ocean / fjords during summer. I like to cycle and have completed the heavy Birkebeiner off-road cycle race 3 times, and I am a SATS Elixia member like many of us in the Nordics. In fact, SAP even reimbursing some of the fee for SATS Elixia each month. With SAP I find myself capable of having a good work-life balance.

I am proud of the global initiatives like Month of Services and Social Sabbaticals. In addition, our own local social engagement, where we for example every year allow all SAP employees to work 1 day for “Fattighuset” – handing out food and clothes to those who need in it Oslo.

With regards to taking care of the employees’ well-being and health, I appreciate the security of SAPs Health Insurance, the KRY Health App even available for my kids, Health Days etc. I was also very impressed understanding all the offerings that we have in the newly announced Employee Assistance Program (EAP), covering both business and personal matters.

It is not all about health, the Norwegian team is also very social. We get together for company arranged Christmas parties etc., but more important individuals arrange get- together like Beer Calls, skiing weekends etc. It is fun at the office, and also fun getting together with the colleagues outside the office.

Overall, my two years at SAP has been challenging as the business unit IBSO is not very well known in Norway. One of my greatest moments has been witnessing the SAP team spirit and customer journey from making a prototype, signing the contract and finally witness the customer happily presenting and showing their customer specific solution to other customers. This was made possible through team work within SAP in close cooperation with the customer.

SAP for sure is not is not just ERP, SAP is innovation at its best. The bold ideas are brought to life with SAP, partners and customers.”

Siw’s insight to SAP Norway was great, both around her job and what being part of SAP allows you to achieve both personally and professionally. To view our vacancies in Norway and join this sociable team, click here.