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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a support engineer at one of the world’s leading software vendors? 

SAP Ireland's Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is one of the key locations that support our customers worldwide and is home to a team of support engineers. Apart from the obvious reasons of working in the Emerald Isle and experiencing the luck of the Irish, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team and improve people’s lives by building strong businesses for customers.

What is the Customer Interaction Center?

The Customer Interaction Center is the first point of contact for all SAP customers, and our team of support engineers act as frontline ambassadors of the company. We engage with people from all over the world, build up rapport with customers through inbound calls, email or chat to understand the criticality of their concern from a commercial perspective. Our aim is to help our customers run their business as efficiently as possible at all times.

Customer focus is key to our success in CIC. Our team’s overarching purpose is to enhance our customers’ experiences, delighting customers and colleagues alike.  Daily interactions with B2B customers are what energizes the CIC. Two days are never the same, with every day bringing a new challenge. 

Unique peas in a pod

Engineers in the CIC get their energy from one another. Walk into a room of CIC engineers and a deep sense of interconnectedness is palpable. We like to play with new ideas and support each other with undivided attention and advice. You could say, we are all peas in a pod but each with our own valued and unique opinions. Since SAP adopted Pledge to Flex, the move to remote working has only enhanced the culture of CIC, while maintaining its sense of home.

Emilie Talouarn, CIC Support Engineer and Diversity & Inclusion lead, values the teamwork and collaboration that each CIC member shares, and is excited about the future strides that can be made towards business success.

Team spirit, diversity, and work-life balance are some of the additional benefits appreciated by Emilie. D&I is a topic particularly close to her heart.

She says, “SAP offers a safe environment for us to be ourselves and our mental health is valued.”

Eric SiciakEric Siciak

Eric Siciak, CIC Support Engineer, mentor and Service Booking champion, joined SAP in 2016. What he enjoys about his role is collaborating with colleagues in all locations and working closely with new joiners to integrate them successfully into the culture of the company.

What’s kept Eric invested in his job? “The atmosphere, and the challenging and interesting tasks,” he says. “CIC has been exciting and rewarding.”

The culture at CIC in Ireland is a slice of what working at SAP is like. As a team, we feel connected and supported. The camaraderie, enthusiasm and positivity that exists within us is unmatched. Together, we share a goal to work as one for the greater good of our customers. You can see why we love working here.

If you are interested in taking on a fast-paced front facing role where every day brings a new challenge, check out support engineer jobs at SAP around the world.

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Thanks for your job.

As an SAP SuccessFactors consultant, I represent the customer to submit an incident frequently. CIC could almost give me an excellent experience on the speed to respond and interact every time.