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The Leaders@SAP campaign is a series of personal stories that give you a look at our inspiring leadership at SAP.

This story comes from Aseem Khera, Development manager - SAP Custom Development High-Tech GGN.

A few years ago, my leadership style was primarily based on best practices: how I myself wanted to be led; what in my opinion my previous managers did right (or wrong); and how my managers wanted me to lead people. Most of the boxes checked and things were fine, too.  Still, I always felt that there was some gap when it came to my effectiveness and the level of trust within the team. A question came to my mind: “Did I get subjective inputs from my team about how effective I am and how they, themselves, wanted to be led?” The answer was “Not so often.”

This is where I started putting focus on open bi-directional feedback, by means of which, I genuinely sought inputs from my team members about how I can be better. First, it helped me in my own development by means of getting direct (sometimes blunt) inputs about my style and behavior. Second, it helped me in improving my own ability help others perform better (what works for them). Third, and most importantly, the level of openness it created helped not only in free flow of ideas but also in creating highly trustful environment. In summary, my own team became the most important input in constantly helping me become a better leader.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Leaders@SAP!


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