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The Leaders@SAP campaign is a series of personal stories that give you a look at our inspiring leadership at SAP.

This story comes from Anirban Maiti, Manager Global Customer Care, North America.

"During my earlier days of leadership, my primary approach to handling employee problems was to provide my employees with solutions based on my past experiences. I continued to receive feedback from my 360 reviews that I was not a helpful leader and my actions did not encourage my team members to grow. I somehow ran with the assumption that I was expected to be the expert and to solve any problems my team experienced.

I reached a point where my team size expanded to nearly 25 direct reports including remote employees. My operations suffered, we were unable to keep up with quality and we had customer complaints. That is when it hit me that I never empowered my team or enabled them, to solve problems on their own.

Although my ego enjoyed being needed, I was not helping us grow as a team. I have since learned the importance of being a coach to team members. As a coach, I can guide discussions and ask questions of the team to help them come up with their own solutions. It drives increased ownership and helps develop amazing talent."

Stay tuned for our next installment of Leaders@SAP!


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