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Ever wondered who is behind the wheel of those tattooed tour buses that make sure your favorite band is set up and ready to rock city by city? And who is it that gets the gigs, books the band and publicizes and promotes every stop along the tour?

Give it up for the roadies and promoters of rock!

The Office of the Managing Director and our extended team are the roadies and promoters of our country’s largest and most impressive rock band: SAP Labs Canada. Our developers and the teams that support and enable them are the real stars of the show – on stage every day bringing smash hit solutions to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

With four sites and 2,500 employees in Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto and Montreal – SAP Labs Canada is on tour across the nation. Notorious for being a Lab that marches to the beat of our own drum, of course, we put our own spin on this year’s Labs Canada strategy:

My team’s Labs Canada Rocks goals are to Unify our 2,500-strong organization to come together in perfect harmony, Mobilize our people to create beautiful music and crank the Amplifier to 11 to make sure the world knows about the rockin’ SAP solutions #MadeinCanada.

Over the next four weeks I’m excited to introduce you to just a few of SAP Labs Canada’s many rock stars. You’ll hear from employees across our four locations and the cutting-edge solutions like Vancouver’s BusinessObjects Cloud, innovation-focused concerts like Montreal’s Design Day and InnoWeeks, the latest appearances from Toronto and Waterloo’s IoT studio, and the sold-out shows where SAP Labs Canada is impacting our communities through corporate social responsibility and the Autism at Work program.

<microphone in hand> Hellooo SCN! Welcome to the show! Thanks for coming.

This is the SAP Labs Canada Spotlight Series.

Are you ready to rock?


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