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Perhaps you've heard of Humans of New York (HONY), the five-year-old vibrant photograph-blog-turned-#1-New-York-Times-best-selling-book run by a man named Brandon that provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of the people in New York City. Inspired by HONY, we decided to do our own spinoff and call it Humans of SAPsv. Each week, through the end of December, we'll feature three employees complete with their picture, name, title, Twitter handle, and snippets of their passion for SAP, their commitment to their colleagues and community, and what inspires them both inside and outside of SAP.

If you're interested in the chance to be featured in Humans of SAPsv, please email Magen Petit. Enjoy learning more about your colleagues and share your comments below!

See the Humans of SAPsv Weekly Series on SAPsv Jam.

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Lindsay Ruoff
Project Designer, GFM Americas
Sri Govindarajan

Software Logistics Expert

Andrea Anderson

VP of Design Thinking

What are you passionate about at SAP?
I am most passionate bout the people. As a part of the Global Facility Management team, SAP employees are our clients. My team manages the efforts to design, build, and keep the Americas office environments in operation to support the daily work efforts of the employees. I am passionate about providing the customer with what they need to be efficient on a daily basis. I often say how much I enjoy building space for my own people!

What’s your favorite thing about working at SAP?
I would say my passion and my favorite thing go hand in hand. On a regular basis I have the opportunity to work with a team I trust. I value the open communication and eagerness to work together to ensure the projects are a success. I also value the life-work balance and flexibility that encourages the company to enjoy life in all aspects. Work hard, play hard.

What’s something not many people would know about you?
Not too many people would know that I grew up in the same small New Jersey town as my grandfather and my parents. I love being the middle of five children and the aunt to a niece and two nephews. I have lived on the east coast all my life and have been based out of the SAP NSQ office for the last five years. I am currently on a fellowship with GFM and will be in the Bay Area until mid-December 2015! My degree in Interior Design helps me do what I do here at SAP!

What are your hidden talents?
Hmmm…hidden talents? Let’s go with expert at pretending to maintain normal breathing while talking and walking up and down these San Francisco hills...yeah, that’s talent.

What are you passionate about at SAP?
My job involves providing software logistics services to development teams within SAP. As a part of my day-to-day job, I get to work with some very bright and talented colleagues. It also gives me an opportunity to learn about all the development activities that are taking place within SAP.

What’s your favorite thing about working at SAP?
SAP is truly a global company and has provided me with an opportunity to work with colleagues of several nationalities and backgrounds. Besides, SAP also provides great work-life balance!

What’s something not many people would know about you?
I am a big history buff. I have been very passionate about history, geography, and politics ever since I was a kid and I like to spend my spare time reading about ancient empires and cultures. When the movie 300 was released, I gave a speech at SAP Toastmasters about the Zoroastrian empires of ancient Persia!

What are your hidden talents?
Thanks to SAP Toastmasters, two of my skills that I molded were public speaking and organizing events. I had the fortune to represent SAP Toastmasters in quite a few speech contests and have also served as a chair for club and division level contests.

What are you passionate about at SAP?
The ability to use a design-thinking approach in my assignments, and the trust my boss and others put in me to drive ground-breaking results while pushing existing boundaries.

What’s your favorite thing about working at SAP?
There are so many innovative ideas and opportunities at SAP just waiting to be turned into great solutions or services, so work never gets boring.

What’s something not many people would know about you?
My first “business experience” was working for a rock’n roll concert promoter in Germany during high school and college. I got to do everything from driving the “stars” to tour management to tour accounting. It not only helped me learn how to run an extreme business, but also a lot around dealing with a very diverse set of people.

What’s one bucket list item?
I would love to work on a social impact project in an emerging market since it would allow me to put my values, talents, and skills to work in an impactful way.