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What is a Disruption?

Anything that breaks free from the routine/common/orthodox practice and brings in a paradigm shift can be referred to as a Disruption.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a field of study that gives Computers the ability to learn without explicitly being programmed. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Such algorithms operate by building a model from example inputs in order to make data-driven predictions or decisions, rather than following strictly static program instructions.

In a nutshell machine learning is giving a machine an ability to think, act and react based on its previous experiences. It is like building a memory for a machine to enable decision making using artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Why Disruptive Public Security with machine learning?

In today’s world of global threats Public security is the utmost priority for each and every nation and prediction and prevention of any crime before it happens or as soon as it starts is something that can bring in a paradigm shift in this arena.

What is ‘Cameras as Eyes’ concept?

It is a concept where Cameras connected to computers start to build memory, process data and take informed decisions. A Camera as Eyes (CAE) can learn to identify objects, patterns and behaviour.

  1. E.g. a CAE can be trained to identify objects like a gun, bomb or an explosive, understand criminal behaviour patterns, and decipher suspicious actions.

What disruption does CAE (camera as eyes) brings in Public Security?

It is simple, before a terrorist even attacks a place with gun or explosives, surveillance cameras that are CAE’s will detect the gun or explosive and decipher the terrorists malicious actions and behaviour and alert the police personnel .Without human intervention CAEs can help predict and prevent a crime even before it happens.

How does CAE fit into the SAP Public Security Portfolio?

With SAP offering such a diverse portfolio of SAP Public Security products, CAE can definitely be a game changer in the area of Public Security.

SAP has 3 main products in the area of Public Security

  1. 1)     SAP Investigative Case Management – It helps a Police officer or a detective with investigation process of a crime.
  2. 2)     SAP RTSA – AR    - It helps Police personnel react to situations on real time.
  3. 3)     SAP Light Visualization – It helps Police personnel/detective visualize networks and draw insights to take informed decisions.

What is the new vision for SAP Public Security with CAE?

Now imagine where SAP Investigative case management, RTSA-AR , Light Visualization and CAE start interacting with each other.

A CAE can detect a criminal activity then access SAP Investigative case management system to strengthen the accuracy of detection from the database of ICM and then raise an incident in RTSA-AR to prevent the criminal activity. Also it can connect to SAP Light Visualization and see any connections.

For E.g. CAE sights a terrorist, detects that he is carrying a gun, analyses that the behavior is dangerous, looks at the persons face and features, then connects to SAP ICM system to cross check if the person is already maintained in the system and confirms who he is. After this it connects to SAP RTSA-AR system and creates an incident that a so called terrorist is sighted with a gun and even gives the Geo coordinates. The Law enforcement authorities can easily act on this accurate and pin pointed information and nail down the terrorist with less hassle and avert a big catastrophe. At last it can even connect to SAP Light Visualization and see who all have links/connections with the suspect here and even an alert can be issued to trace or track those connections so that even a multi-site terrorist attack can also be averted.

PS: These are personal views and not any official roadmap from SAP.