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Article by: FELIX HOEHN – Business Process Consultant, Digital Business Services

When people ask me, “Felix, why are you passionate about SAP?”, I always reply: “SAP is a dynamic and empowering company where I am regularly getting the chance to work on exciting, new projects and grow personally and professionally.” Why wouldn’t I be passionate?!

Joining SAP was more by accident than design. After studying abroad in Singapore, the next chapter should have been my Master’s thesis. However, during my research for potential topics I came across a posting for an SAP consulting internship in cooperation with Viva con Agua. Viva con Agua is a well-known organization that collects funding to establish access to clean water and sanitation around the world. Seeing how SAP and Viva con Agua collaborated confirmed SAP’s ethical stance as a company, reinforcing my confidence to want to be a part of their team. I applied for that consulting internship and was accepted.

I’ve been at SAP since April 2016 and right after, I got to support the growing idea of an internal IoT Challenge. The IoT Challenge is an initiative founded by the SAP Analytics & Insights department in Hamburg and is about professional education for consultants. When you apply for the IoT Challenge, you get teamed up with other consultants for a period of six months to use all the SAP tools on the market to build your own Internet of Things (IoT) solution and then compete against the other teams. The main task of my internship was to design the IoT Challenge and it has been an incredible experience learning about the various SAP solutions and working with teams across the globe so they can develop their use cases.

After the internship, I still needed to finish my Master’s thesis and continued as a working student at SAP. My thesis was about IoT applications in the Industry 4.0, which matched my studies and internship perfectly. Six months later after successfully completing my studies, I got a job as a consultant in the Analytics & Insights department. Besides my current role as a Business Process Consultant, I still work on the IoT Challenge. To expand the idea, we set up a D-Shop at our office in Hamburg. A D-Shop is a room with 3D printers, VR sensors, and the latest gadgets. It’s like a permanent IoT Challenge but for all colleagues who want to try out building their own use cases.

Working in the SAP Digital Business Services (DBS) department is pretty unique. Sure, we’re consultants, so we’re all on various customer projects on-site, but we still make time to meet and foster a close bond. Every Friday, we all come to the office to catch up, share our projects, support each other, and focus on personal development by helping and motivating each other. Our management gives us the freedom to develop and plan our own initiatives, making us feel extremely empowered at SAP. This gives us a lot of self-responsibility, which is so different than so many other companies in the marketplace.

In my role as a Business Process Consultant, I work with SAP HANA and the Cloud Platform to tackle advanced analytics scenarios so I can ensure customers get the most value from their data. I work on-site with customers running workshops, developing concepts, and creating data models. I love this role because it combines two areas that have always been appealing to me: engineering and consulting.

Outside of work, you’ll find me exploring new destinations and working on my wakeboarding skills. Therefore, traveling is also one of my passions. I love the experience of meeting and immersing myself in new cultures. The thrill of backpacking, hopping on local busses, and getting to interact with the people is something that makes me feel alive. I was fortunate to spend a half year abroad studying in Singapore, where, besides enjoying the tropical weather, I got hands-on experience in building sensors and electric motors for cars. Do I still have enough time to travel besides the job? Right now, I`m planning my next three-month trip through Central America. The project-driven work as a consultant gives me the freedom to take time off and combine my passion with my work life.

The personal and professional growth during the IoT challenge was the convincing argument for me to join SAP permanently after University. SAP offers a tremendous amount of personal development and colleagues will always be here to support you. Don’t underestimate your abilities or fear that you don’t have enough skills. Funny enough, before I started working at SAP, I didn’t even know how to code! As long as you have interest, we offer a supportive environment and you’re sure to quickly gain a lot of knowledge. If you want to get to know tools & technologies, appreciate a healthy work-life balance, and develop personally and professionally through dynamic projects, consulting at SAP’s DBS department is right for you.

Felix Hoehn, second from right, and team presenting the IoT Challenge at a global conference.


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