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Hello Everyone,

Today I’m very excited to share with you this partner chat I participated in a couple of months ago.

Together with Joshua Margo from SAP we discussed how to become a business consultant, especially for SAP GTM. I shared some general information about my company ADventas as well as some details on our onboarding process.  You can view the current ADventas job opportunity here.

You can find the partner chat episodes (2 parts) here:

Career Corner Partner Chat - Episode 1: ADventas (Part 1)

Career Corner Partner Chat - Episode 1: ADventas (Part 2)

In the interview we spoke about the following topics:

(Part 1)

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your career path and how you came to work at ADventas?
  2. What are the current goals for ADventas?
  3. What does the right candidate look like and what are you willing to train for?
  4. How many customers are using Global Trade Management presently?
  5. Where is your company based and where are your customers located?

(Part 2)

  1. Where do you prefer your employees be located?
  2. How do you onboard new employees?
  3. What's different about working at ADventas as compared to anywhere else you have worked?
  4. How do you build trust among employees at ADventas?
  5. How many employees are currently at ADventas?
  6. If I do not fit all of the requirements, should I still apply for a position at ADventas?
  7. What are the common career paths at ADventas?
  8. Any parting words of advice for those interested in a career as a SAP consultant?

Please tune in if you’re interested. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

All the best,


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Product and Topic Expert
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@Betty1 - would this be interesting to you? Let me know and maybe we can try to work on getting you your first certification.