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With new, innovative and powerful tools like Big Data, Cloud and Predictive Analysis coming to the fore technology never ceases to amaze, scare and excite us. If used judiciously these tools may carve the path for how technology can be modified to suit our lifestyles and create a more sustainable future. Though one may hear of digital fatigue but with technology constantly evolving and incorporating even more unbelievably formidable components, technology may very well be transitioning into version 2.0, and not fading.

Predictive Analysis has always been used, though it was termed as logical thinking or mental analysis before. But in the ever growing market the process has to upgraded and altered, huge amount of refined data needs to be accumulated and only the most essential information needs to be mined, and that is where big data and cloud computing can be even more sagaciously utilized to aid predictive analysis. Cloud in itself has been rigorously used for remote data accessing and wily data storage. Also, the most insightful example of big data comes out of a personal experience - while searching for flight timings on, the search engine went through my mail, found out what upcoming flights I had, and presented me with the timings for the same. I think if these three tools are used in cohesion then it would be like a fusion reaction, where the energy produced is colossal.

It may not be ambitious to think of a future where : your fridge based on dietary habits predicts the items that you may need before it gets over and informs your car about the same. The car then self drives to a shop run by a computerized system that uses big data to receive this information from the car and put in the expected material or grocery and instruct the car about same. The financial transaction takes place through a digital wallet where cloud technology is used. And once your car is back it sends out a digital message informing you about the process. Similar uses cases can be contemplated in almost every field of life. It may seem that such a system is useful only in a competitive environment like sports or shares but the matter of fact is it's uses cases are far wider. For example in a corporate environment, one could expect of a future where before the selection of candidates for a project, complete analysis of his skills, his learning speed and his experience is done and hence a premier team is assembled.

To epitomize, the ever growing technology is riding on the back three very powerful horses right now and if these three are tied to one chariot, things that have only been figment of our imagination will be reality.