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Many People who are working in  different SAP Modules around the world will feel happy about their professional life.... :lol: .Some people will feel their job is boring, not innovative, not adding any value to career  and so on....... :razz: . yes, what they are worriying is right in some cases. we need to worry about ourself,but not always...worrying alone can not make any difference to your day to day career...we have to take some forword steps from our end to make our professional life easy and innovative...Everything will be new until unless we give a try... :???:

There are many reasons to pointout when we try to asses ourself personally as well as professionally, here Iam not going to talk about personal life.....I will try to figureout some constructiing points to add value to your professional career. Some times you may not get opportunity to work even you are very much interested to work..In such cases wait until the opportunity knocks you.

        "Some times  life doesn't give you something you want , not because you don't deserve it, but you deserve more..."

Mean while you can add additional qualities to your skill set, so that opportunity demands your presence...we should always think from  both the ends,means if you are responsible for doing something do it in such a way that you should get more preference. Again this means not showing other's work as yours..what can we do if we are not having an opportunity to work, can we create the opportunity?...may be we can but not always...we can try the following lines to make ourself impressive... :smile:

Do the postmortem of every day:

The above line may looks like a simple statement, but it has got a special meaning when it comes to professional life...think about your day and analyse it based on your parameters....


                        1.How many hours we are working in the office per day ?


                        2. are we really adding value to the organization ?

                        3. How much I have improved myself. ?

                        4. any new things learnt ?

and may be everybody can add their own parameters to analyse if we go deep... If you are able to answer yourself properly then you did an execellent job.

Enhance your skills...

There is no end to the Knowledge,Technology...........keep on learning,share your thoughts, enhance your knowledge as well as your colleagues also. follow the minimum things to keep healty relationships by doing


1. Conduct Trainings:

This is the rare opportunity that everybody will not get, if you get it you are so lucky (What I feel). this is an execellent opportunity to deal with the people who has different thoughts, different way of approch in understanding...

2. Knowledge sharing Sessions:

This can be done in a group or in a team whenever needed, do your best part from your end,so this will become a habit and you will get high level confidence.

3.Project experience:

Many freshers may need some guide lines like dealing the tough objects, understanding the customer requirements, meeting the dead lines....If you are able to deliver the good content in this area and able to answer the questions you have faced, youare really going to help those guys and your organisation as well

4. contributing to SCN by writing blogs, white papers, sharing the knowledge etc...:

This will go crazy if you keep on doing day by day..there are many consultants who are learning many things from the forum itself, imagine if you are writing something new it will be seen across the world.

Apply Analytics to yourself:

This is something you can try innovatively, take the parameters like your project experience, The bench experience and do some analysis like how much you have improoved yourself whaen you are in a project, when you are in a bench...if you observe this for a period say one month atleast you will come to know in which area you are really strong, your areas of improovement.... :cool:

This analysis will give the solution like a road map to your personal skills, and you can Identify where you went wrong.

Rate your performance  based on the above listed parameters how much score you have got out of 10. This may give you satisfaction at every stage of your career.


'Never worry about performance...Performance will come automatically if you focus on participation more"

Finally I want to make a sentence that we are not technical guys , functional guys alone, we are consultants.

A Consultant day will start with asking the questions, consultant should know the basic business process, there is no meaning if you are speaking to a customer in highly technical language, similarly if you are talking to your project manager in simple business terms, it will not work. So consultant's each and every step will matters alot in normal business process....

Some times there is nothing wrong, if you are waiting to get the better opportunity.........