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Scoping is a very important aspect of any test activity. What are the most important features to test? It always depends on the requirement that what all we can include in our test activities in particular test phase. Before starting any testing ,requirement should be very clear& all limitation should be known prior.

Let me take an example to design a test here.

“In company’s internal initiative for process improvement, suggestions are invited from employees and a link is created on internal portal to upload the document(not >5MB , No .exe files ) on the same “.

Problem statement is Employees should be able to upload & download their entries.

What all can be tested here. Let’s see it together.

All kind of test cases are listed.

Functionality Testing :

  • There should be a place holder to save files

Expected results: Expected uploaded file should open.

  • User should be able to upload multiple files.

Expected results: On download of particular file, expected file should only open.

  • There should not be blank pages on clicking download button

Expected results: On click, expected file should open.

  • After removing/deleting file , it should be no longer available

Expected results: File is removed.

  • Select an uploaded file

Expected results: Download button should be active else it should be inactive

  • On selection of ‘Open’ appropriate viewer of document (MS Word/Adobe Acrobat Reader/Windows Picture Viewer) should enable the file top open in read-only mode

Expected Results: File opened

  • On click of download, a pop up should appear to Open or Save the file on an electronic location

Expected results: Pop up appears.

  • On selection of ‘Save’, a pop up should prompt user to specify a target location to save the file. File should be saved on selected location on completing the action

Expected Results: File saved on selected location

  • Upload a .exe file

Expected result: System issues an error message for file type not being supported

  • Upload a file with size >5MB

Expected result: System issues an error message for file size beyond permitted upload limit

Accessibility Testing:

  • Test feature as per the guidelines for accessibility of such applications. Read accessibility guidelines

Expected results: File upload should meet the generally available accessibility guidelines.

Usability Testing:

  • Navigate to ‘Upload File’ menu

Expected results: File Upload screen will appear.

  • Use Tab button on key board to navigate to file, browse & attach the file using key board

Expected Results: Navigation is available to all Fields, buttons & options.

  • Repeat above steps to download a file using key board

Expected results: Download is available using key board navigation

Security Testing:

  • Files uploaded are restricted to be accessed by user who uploaded it

Expected Results: Unauthorized user should not be able to access the file.

  • Try uploading .exe file

Expected results: File not uploaded as file type not allowed

  • Try to open a file uploaded by another user

Expected results: Access denied

  • Try changing the content of an uploaded file & save.

Expected results: Update not possible, files can be opened inn read-only mode

Performance testing:

  • Simulate multiple file upload concurrently & record system performance

Expected results: It should support to have multiple users logged in simultaneously & able to upload files with in defined time.

Compatibility testing:

  • Assuming file upload feature to be part of a web based application: try opening the ‘File upload’ page in Internet Explorer

Expected Results: File upload page opens in chosen browser

  • Try opening the ‘File upload’ page in Firefox Mozilla browser

Expected Results: File upload page opens in chosen browser

  • Try opening the ‘File upload’ page in Google Chrome browser

Expected Results: File upload page opens in chosen browser

Points to remember:

1.Understand the requirement very well.

2.Ask questions , No assumptions.

3. Test beyond the handed over old test cases.

This is a simple example to design a test, likewise we can brainstorm within our team and design the test to best of its capabilities.