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You can truly capture alessandro.iannacci.partner vibrant personality by reading through his “SAP Success Story”. He’s always happy to help out, gets involved in all sorts of activities and always strives to be the best he can.

It is always amazing to see how most SAP Mentors would work towards closing their skill-gaps with the help of the Community. It is this desire to be better in various aspects of their career that makes the SAP ecosystem such an amazing community to be in. Alessandro is a true embodiment of the SAP Mentor magic!

Here’s Alessandro’s story:

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what kind of work you do, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts, etc.)?

I am 31 years old; I live in Pescara (Italy) and I work for Techedge Group Milan. I am always traveling from Pescara to Milan and vice-versa. I am a developer and my technical knowledge covers web programming to mobile, with or without SAP technologies. I am an expert in ABAP, Cloud 4 Customers, and IoT. I also have some knowledge in SAP UI5, HANA and HCP.

Hobbies: science, motorcycles, photography, dancing, and sports.

Fun fact: I started programming at 5 years old in BASIC with my Commodore-64 by copying the code from the manual.

Who’s your hero?

When I was a child: Archimede!

What’s your childhood ambition?

I wanted to be an inventor!

What successes have you achieved with the help of the SAP Community/SCN? How has the SAP community/SCN benefited you?

Thanks to the SAP Community I had the opportunity to attend various SAP events around the world. This is something that I could have never done otherwise, and I will always be thankful to the SAP Community for this. This year I participated at SAP TechEd 2015 Barcelona and SAP InnoJam! Thanks to the SAP Community, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with SAP for the C4C_30 examination team and I had some meetings to help influence the Cloud 4 Customers product development cycle, and participate in some business meetings with SAP Labs India. I collaborated in many open source projects for the community, such as ABAP2XLSX, SAPLINK, Google API ABAP Client and much more! I am an SCN topic leader for Cloud for Customer IDE (SAP Cloud Application Studio) for 2014 and 2015. Moreover, I am now collaborating with SAP Italy as a teacher for official educational courses.

During your association with SAP what has been the most positive experience for you?

All the experiences have been positive! Since I like to teach, some of the best experiences were:

1) SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 - my expert session on C4C where I had a huge number of fantastic attendees. It was unexpected and very emotional!

2) My collaboration with SAP Italy as a teacher.

If you could work on any project(s) that would benefit yourself and SAP, what would it be and why?

I would work on some sort of project using SAP UI5 and SAP HANA of course! These are my weaknesses; I want to gain some working experience on these technologies in order to be involved as an expert in this area of the SCN community.

Do you have an SAP Success Story to share? Please contact me on SCN to set up a short interview or fill out this template: SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.

Thank You!

Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor: muhammadarifbin.mohamedjohari