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What topics do you have expertise in and what do you plan to learn or upgrade to?

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Greetings SAP Community in Bengaluru,

If you were fortunate enough to attend the last SAP Inside Track Bengaluru on 04/03/2023, you would probably have been exposed to a plethora of new technologies in SAP, such as SAP Build, CAP, RAP, Kyma, SAP ALM, sustainability, Concur, and value chain analysis, among others. With so much new information to digest, it's understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed; I certainly do and plan to learn a few topics after this event.

So let's all take this opportunity to share our areas of expertise, as well as what topics we would like to explore and learn more about :).

At present, I have a good grasp of ABAP, SAPUI5 & SAP BTP and am looking forward to exploring SAP Datasphere & SAP Kyma.


This feedback will be valuable in shaping the content for our upcoming SAP Community events in Bengaluru and helps in connecting with fellow community members ;). So please don't hesitate to share your thoughts!!




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thanks for starting this discussion @maheshpalavalli.

I started my career as a Java developer but later I had got an opportunity to get involved in SAP projects and there onwards I started working on SAP ABAP and have built expertise in some of the frameworks i.e. ABAP programming model for FIORI, Restful Application Programming Model, FIORI Elements and have some UI5 skills too. 

I continuously learn and upgrade myself with the latest advancements and updates in SAP technology.  Some of the areas that I plan to learn or upgrade to are : SAP Build and Cloud Application Programming Model.

The SAP Community events, including Stammtisch, Tech Night, and Inside track, have been instrumental in helping me connect with experts and learn about new topics. Last but not least, these events have been especially valuable to me.

Best Regards,


I have a good grasp of SAP SAC , BW, BW/4 HANA , DWC and SAP Datasphere and am looking forward to exploring SAP DI.


Hi Floks,

@maheshpalavalli -Thank you for bringing up this discussion.

I started my career as a SAP Mobile Developer, with a focus on developing enterprise mobile applications. During this time, I gained experience in ABAP and Gateway, Duet Enterprise, Fiori, Syclo, and Workflow.

As my career progressed, I had the opportunity to take on new challenges and expand my skill set. In my current job as an Integration Consultant, I have continued to build upon my previous experience and have developed expertise in SAP BTP Integration Suite capabilities and MDI. I will be trying to enhance my technical skills with new areas on SAP ABAP on Cloud and SAP Build.

Thank you,


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Thanks  @maheshpalavalli  for starting this discussion 😊

Hello Colleagues.

I hope the feedbacks and learnings would help in making the community stronger and more knowledgeable.

I started with ABAP and at present I have some expertise and can share my knowledge in ABAP, Fiori/UI5/Fiori elements, OData & Netweaver Gateway, RAP, Code Automation using Unit Tests.

I also do hold some expertise in SAP CAI, SAP Build Apps, SAP Mendix(broke up few years ago 🙂 )

Interesting would be most of BTP, CAPM, SAP Build or any other topic that I don't know and is relevant to know.

Also, on an informal front, I would be interested to sit in a cockpit and see a pilot operate an aircraft  ✈️🙂




Nice one @subhajit, Definitely CAP is something you should start checking out, it has some similarities with RAP, but a lot easier and more open. Reg. the cockpit, I also would love to 😉  and there is a place in Dubai, where you can be a pilot in the almost real looking boeing 737 simulator, when I say real looking, it really does look so real - google iPilot 😉

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Thanks @maheshpalavalli for starting this discussion!
Thanks @j_pavan_kumar @SyambabuAllu @subhajit for sharing your views

SAP Community Events, Blogs are being very useful for all of us to learn new things and stay up to date with latest SAP.

Below are the areas I have been working so far -> 
SAP Fiori for S/4HANA
SAP S4/HANA Extensibility
SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
SAP Gateway | OData
ABAP RESTful Programming Model (RAP)

Areas I would like to explore is as below ->
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Build
S/4HANA Could


Ashwin Dutt R

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Awesome @AshwinDutt 

Looking to collaborate in some form or the other.


I just started with SAP Signavio and want to explore more on this topic. Can anyone suggest any group or DL who work in Signavio in SAP Labs or beyond to get connected ?


I started with SAP 17 years back as ABAP developer, moved to MDG about 11 years back and implemented more than 20 E2E solutions in MDG. Now, looking towards learning Datasphere and AI with SAP to move towards latest trends. 


Hi Everyone,

My work involves SAP Analytics Cloud and I am upskilling on SAC Planning 📌

🔊Looking forward for the SAP event in August at Bangalore.


Thanks & Regards 🙂 ,


Hi @Yerra_Sudheer , I hope you were able to join us at the event and learnt something new about SAC 🙂


Hi @maheshpalavalli , Let me be honest.

This is the first event/conference that I attended. The data and analytics track had Data Sphere and SAC topics. They were amazing. I had the opportunity to talk and network with the experts. 

The event catapulted my upskilling journey beyond what I was learning. Developed great interest in SAC Planning and Data Sphere and did some proof of work now.

😇Looking forward eagerly for more such knowledgeable and networking events.

Thankyou 😊,



Thanks for starting this discussion @maheshpalavalli.

I just started with SAP HCM & ABAP HR and want to explore more on this topic. Can anyone suggest any groups? & I started  writing blog 


I just started with SAP HCM & ABAP HR and want to explore more on this topic. Can anyone suggest any group or DL who work On HCM / SAP Labs or beyond to get connected ?

You should check out the ABAP Topic Page at SAP Community, which has a lot of content from SAP Community Members related to ABAP.