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Share your SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2022 experiences here!! #sitBLR

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Hello Everyone,

Let's share your #sitBLR 2022 experiences in this post!!

Pre-event: The most enjoyable part is working with fellow SAP Community members that I know personally and a few I know virtually to organize this event.

Post-event: I met a lot of new folks at this event, which is what I love about SAP Inside Track and SAP Stammtisch. I really enjoyed the motivating keynote by Sindhu Gangadharan & the fireside chat between SAP Mentor (Krishna Kishor Kammaje), SAP Champion ( @Ruthvik_Chowdary ) & Parvathy Sankar, it was so inspiring to me and for the community.

Here is the SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2022 family pic 🙂 and don't forget to share your experiences & pics 😉

Family SITBengaluru 2022.jpg



Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Great idea @maheshpalavalli  I am really looking forward to all the experiences and of course images 😊

From my side I can only contribute to something "pre-event": it was a pleasure working with you and seeing you being passionate about the first SIT in Bangalore and all seemed to be well organized and on track. Congratulations from my side and well done 👍

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Hi svea,

am sathish so excited to see you. Thank you for the information.


sathish k

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Thanks svea, for helping us set up this group and the #sitBLR event. For the next SIT event, you should post your experience from Bengaluru (in-person) 😉

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

My experience in "SIT Bengaluru 2022"  #sitBLR 2022 

@maheshpalavalli  It's been a week since the fantastic SIT event in Bengaluru. When is our next SIT or Stammtisch?😉

Pre-event : I enjoyed working with the SIT core team in Bengaluru throughout the event's planning and execution. During our planning sessions, I get to hear each core team member's thoughts and opinions. As a result of this pre-event preparation, I get to know the team members better in person and feel more a part of the group.

Post-event :  These are the key takeaways  for me:

     Networking - Connecting with the SAP enthusiast's who attended the event.

     Learning - I got a better insights from the sessions presented &  the fireside chat with SAP mentor &                                      Champion . 

Last but not the least, I liked the ambience in SAP HIVE space, goodies and the food. 😋




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It was nice working with you and others organizing this event 🙂 Maybe we should do a stammtisch event soon and plan for our next SIT 😉


Hello!!! SAP BLR Community!

It was an insightful session and I love meeting all the like minded people who are attended the event, made a good connections, lots and lots of learning and cherish delicious food! 🙂

I thanks to the whole team who has organised such an amazing event. Nice to meet the champ @Ruthvik_Chowdary and @maheshpalavalli & SAP mentor @  krishna and many other SAP members, partners and learners.

Cheers SAP Bengaluru Community! @ #sitBLR2022 #SAPInsideTrack2022

PS: I am standing in the middle, green checked shirt with the closed eyes! 😄


😄Awesome to hear that, Niraj, hope to see at the next SAP Community event in Bengaluru 🙂




Dear Team

I am excited to see you team.


Sathish k

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

So great to see the activity!! Great picture!