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SAP Inside Track, July 2024, Bengaluru: A Summary


SAP Inside Track 2024


SAP Inside Track (SIT) events provide valuable opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration within the SAP community. Anyone can host an SIT event, regardless of whether they are an SAP Partner, Customer, Consultant, or Developer.

This time, the SAP Inside Track event took place on 6th July 2024, in Bengaluru, India, hosted at SAP Labs India. The event attracted a significant number of participants, including over 1800 community members, customers, partners, and freelancers. Distinguished industry leaders from companies like TCS, EY, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India, Tech Mahindra, Amazon, Bosch and LTI Mindtree were present. The event showcased various sessions and workshops, conducted by SAP Labs India, SAP partners and professionals focused on #SAP Business AI and #SAP Generative AI.

Deloitte, MINDSET, S2 Integrators, SAP Press, SAP Cloud ALM, Sodexo, SDH were the sponsors of the event.

The event began with a keynote from Sindhu Gangadharan, MD and SVP of SAP Labs India stating that SAP Inside Track offers an outstanding opportunity for end users to connect, stay informed about the latest SAP developments, and receive recognition for their innovative technical accomplishments. She mentioned that the goal of this edition of SIT is to provide the SAP community with new perspectives on leveraging AI for business success.

After this keynote, various sessions unfolded centered around SAP generative AI, SAP Business AI and use cases in four parallel tracks. Speakers from SAP Labs India, IBM, Crave Infotech, DocuSign, HCL, AsInt, Himalaya Wellness Company and S2Integrator delivered sessions on how Generative AI in SAP applications is bringing value to business and customers.

The sessions were:

Track 1: Business AI Architectures and Roadmaps

  1. SAP GenAI – Strategy and Roadmap Overview
  2. Identifying value-based Business AI scenarios with a human centric approach for SAP customers – taken by Mindset Consulting LLC
  3. AI in SAP BTP – Strategy and Roadmap
  4. Explore Joule Roadmap and Deepdive
  5. Bringing RAG capabilities to GenAI hub
  6. First Impression of AI Regulations -
  7. Transforming Business Applications with AI & Gen AI with Intelligent Scenario Lifecycle management (ISLM)
  8. SAP Strategy 360: Innovate with Business AI
  9. Harnessing AI in product management

Track 2: Building AI Applications on SAP BTP

  1. Building AI applications using Gen AI Hub and LLM agents
  2. Building employee retention application with SAP Build Code and Joule -taken by IBM
  3. Unlocking the Potential: Harnessing AI Core LLMs with Langchain and Designing Gen AI hub on SAP AI Launchpad
  4. Demystifying HANA vector capabilities for Greater benefits in Generative AI
  5. Augmenting Asset inspections using SAP BTP & SAP Gen AI – taken by AsInt
  6. Mastering Advanced Summarization Techniques: Transforming Latent Data into insights
  7. CSR AI Agent leveraging GenAI in SAP BTP – Mindset Consulting LLC
  8. Beyond Basics: Advanced Prompt Engineering with a focus on RAG and LLM agents
  9. Our Journey with BTP and GenAI – for cloud-based business data error analyzer service

Track 3: Business AI Solutions from Ecosystem – Partners & Customers

  1. FedML – Inventory Prediction and Replenishment – Crave Infotech
  2. Gen AI solution for Utilities – taken by HCL
  3. Business AI integration: Streamlining SAP Transaction Monitoring with Acceleration hub APIs. – taken by Himalaya Wellness Company
  4. SAP BTP & AI – Use cases and Demo -taken by S2Integrator
  5. Business AI: SAP’s unique position and impressions from customers and partners
  6. Gen AI (LLM) Operating system for Business
  7. Guiding principles of AI Risk Management using NIST AI RMF
  8. Harnessing AI for Smart spend management.
  9. In product Communications -Minimizing Day 1 impact

Track 4: Embedded AI across solutions – SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors & Other SAP products

  1. The power of Generative AI for enterprise integrations
  2. Integration of SAP Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with SuccessFactors and DocuSign
  3. Embedded Intelligence capabilities with Test Automation Tool – S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
  4. Embedding and Operating AI and Gen AI with Intelligent Scenario Lifecycle Management
  5. Embedded Business AI in SAP Sales and Service Cloud version 2
  6. Empower Your business with intelligent situation handling.
  7. SAP Analytics Cloud: AI Strategy and Roadmap
  8. Creating a Chatbot from Scratch using Build Apps and SAP AI Core
  9. AI in Sales Cloud – Adaptive, Insightful and Connected

Track 5 was dedicated to AI Hands on experience activities.

Developers and architects could try out SAP’s latest AI features and capabilities hands on. The demos and updates on SAP’s AI offerings were presented on AI pods throughout, which featured contributions from partners and customers.

Expert-led hands-on sessions on core SAP BTP concepts were provided in App Space. Participants in the App Space developed over 400+ SAP-based applications, demonstrating the practical application of AI in business contexts.

Overall, SAP Inside Track, July 2024 held in Bengaluru was a great chance for the SAP community to learn, network and connect with peers. 


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks for sharing this summary @JaspreetKaur ! Great wrap up!

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Great event!

Congrats to all the organization team!

Manuel Robalinho