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Hello Bengaluru community, Come, Say Hi! and share your journey with us!!


Hey Bengaluru SAP Community,

I was really happy meeting many new folks in the recent community events like SAP Inside Track Bengaluru & SAP Tech Night Bengaluru and found that we have a new group dedicated to the SAP community here in Bengaluru. 

Now that I am part of this group for sometime, I thought of starting a discussion to know about your SAP journey in Bengaluru. This way, we can better network with the community in this location, and maybe we can meet in our next SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2023 😀 Soon...

 Let me share my journey: I'm Syambabu, and I'm from Vishakhapatnam in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. I graduated from SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram with a degree in Information Technology. I started my professional career in Bengaluru in 2010 as an ABAP and SAP Mobility Platform developer in a startup company. I am currently working for TCS Bengaluru as an SAP consultant. I really admire this city because of the weather and greenery and am very happy that I started my career in this garden city. Bengaluru’s story has been and continues to be enjoyable to me. 

That's about me, and now it's your turn to share your journey as a comment below 👉 and don't forget to join the Bengaluru group

Thank you,



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Hi Syam, Thanks for starting this discussion!!. 

Nice knowing more about you, looks like you are here from almost 12 years 😮. I am also from A.P, but from Nellore, and I did my engineering in Tirupati (ECE). Although I got my degree in electronics background, I ended up as a software engineer, for which I am pretty happy. Like you, I also started as an ABAP developer in Hyderabad in 2013 and later worked in different places like Gurgaon, Chennai & Dubai.
Recently, in January 2022, I started my journey with SAP Labs and moved to Bengaluru. almost 1 year in Bengaluru and counting. So far, I am loving this place, especially the trees and climate 🙂



Hello SAP Community,

Hope you are doing great!!

I got to know about our community through LinkedIn and attended the first SAP Tech Night in Bengaluru at SAP LABS. It was an amazing experience for a person like me who is new to the SAP ecosystem to meet people from diverse backgrounds so enthusiastic, creative & innovative in their thought processes about SAP products & apps. These are very insightful sessions that would also boost the SAP product development teams to deliver more value to the community.

Here is my journey: I did my B. Tech in CSE and graduated from JNTU Kalikiri, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh in 2017.  I started my software development journey with Aricent Technologies, later moved to Deloitte Consulting and now part of SAP-LABS BTP CPI product development team in Bangalore. Predominently, am a Java Developer with Telecom/Banking/Insurance sectors work experience. I am pretty new to SAP ecosystem but very excited to dive deep into it and contribute here. 

Best Regards,



Nice meeting you at the event, Sumanth. Although we sit at our office just away from a desk, I never met you there but met for the first time at the community event 😄 and welcome to the SAP ecosystem, hope you will like it!!

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Hi all ,

Nice to see this group being used for Bangalore related connects. Me along with @maheshpalavalli and @Pawanone has come up with the idea of this group in 2022 with the intention of  posting the Blore SAP community connects and some casual discussion .

My name is Vijay , coincidentally I am also from  Andhra Pradesh(Anantapur).I did my engineering in Electronics and Communication .Like most of the SAP consultants I have started my career as ABAP consultant in Hyderabad  2010 .Later I got an opportunity to move to Germany for 7 years and work for several German companies .I have had very good exposure to SAP ABAP OO, SAP BTP ,SAP RAP ,Fiori UI5 and continuing my journey in CAP ,event Mesh and other BTP services .Currently working with EY as a technical architect and senior developer in Bengaluru since 2 years .

Since I can also speak Kannada which is state language of Karnataka for me Bangalore is like a second home . I like the food , restaurants and travel opportunities near Bangalore .Especially summers are awesome here hardly we get to see the sun in summer . Bangalore has also provided an opportunity to meet many SAP experts during the SAP Tech night , SAP inside track and other SAP Events where I could learn the latest happenings in SAP and got a chance to also host some of the sessions as well.

Except for traffic jams Bengaluru will be my favoutire city after Hyderabad and Stuttgart



I definitely love the cool summers here, especially after experiencing the heat in UAE for the last 5 years 😄 Good luck on your CAP & BTP journey Vijay, looking forward to meeting you at the stammtisch next week and maybe will learn a bit of kannada 😉


Hello Everyone,

Glad to see that @maheshpalavalli @SyambabuAllu @VijayCR  who have initiated such a wonderful SAP Community Events and this Virtual Community Group. Till now I have attended 2 in-person SAP community events i.e. SAP Inside Track Bengaluru & SAP Tech Night Bengaluru .... many more events to go...

About me 👉 I am Niraj from Nagpur, Maharashtra a city which is famous for Oranges, Spicy Red Chillies, Central Origin of India (Zero Mile) and lot many other beautiful places to visit nearby..

I have a strong interest in Data Analytics and as SAP has a huge market in IT Industry hence I have decided to choose the best SAP module which is relevant to it. I started working in SAP Analytics Cloud and some of the other data analytics tools.

You can also find out more about me here - My Portfolio Website 

I am feeling lucky to be a part of this SAP community as I can able to build good relationship and connect with lots of like minded & experienced people during the event & sessions. It's fun if you love what you are doing! I love my job and will continue supporting this community by contributing with knowledge and sharing thoughts. 

Don't forget to join - SAP Bangalore Community 

Cheers! See ya on the next upcoming session! 😊

- Niraj S 👋

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Nice knowing more about you Niraj!! I also feel lucky to discover the SAP Community and all the people with whom I've connected after being part of it 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your contributions!!! 


Hello Everyone ,

Happy to see this group and excited to join SAP Stammtisch Bengaluru

Firstly thanks for the initiating and opportunity @maheshpalavalli @SyamisUnique @VijayCR .

My name is Mallikarjuna , coincidentally I am also from Andhra Pradesh(Anantapur). I did my engineering in Computers .I started  IT carrier in the year 2012 with Java+UI in a Bengaluru with a startup company .
Later I got an opportunity work with Fiori/UI5 in TCS and i have very good exposure on Fiori UI5 , Java, BTP ( Chatbots ) and continuing my journey with SAP Fiori - youngaged with multiple clients with lot of learning  and currently working with Infosys as consultant.

I can also speak Kannada fairly which is state language of Karnataka for me Bangalore is like a First home because rarely i used to visit my hometown 🙂 .

I love to travel and wanted to discuss on Tech/No-Tech-topics with the folks and happy to interact and share my knowledge.

Don't forget to join - SAP Bangalore Community 

Meet you soon .

Mallikarjuna (Malli).


Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂 ..Looking forward to you meet in upcoming SAP Community events.

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Hello Community Members,

Wish you all a Happy New Year ‌‌😊.

Though I have attended one community event in-person and met @maheshpalavalli @SyambabuAllu @VijayCR and many others, but I thought of introducing myself here.

Speaking Subhajit this side, I hail from Kolkata aka The City of Joy. I started my SAP Journey quite some time back as an ABAP Consultant.Thereby out of my interest, picked up and gathered experience in UI, OData, Fiori elements, Automation & Code Coverage, SAP CAI, RAP etc.

After working with some consulting firms, I am currently working with SAP Labs India.

I am also an aviation enthusiast(except the landing and takeoff sound of fighter jets that makes us go on MUTE in Teams meetings ‌‌‌‌😋 ) and I also enjoy spending some time behind any lens to capture what the eyes perceives.

Also I always try to share whatever little knowledge I have on anything so ending my story with a pro-tip:

  • You can use 'Windows + .' to pull up an emoji keyboard on your desktop ‌‌😊

Thank you for this initiative and looking forward to connect with you all 😊



Welcome to the Bengaluru community group Subhajit, great to hear about your various experiences in SAP, I can see a lot of folks started here with ABAP and moved on to a lot of other related technologies 😄 (Including myself). Thanks for sharing the pro-tip about using the emoji keyboard on a desktop, i sometimes go to google and copy paste here 😄 , now that I have moved to mac, i use CMD + CTRL + Space to get the emoji keyboard 🙂 But most of the times I use the shortcuts like below.






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Hello Everyone,

Glad to be part of SAP Group in Bangalore . i am localite Kannadiga 🙂  I have been part of SAP Community start of 2013 where i started my SAP Career in SAP Business One ( SAP B1) Functional Consultant roles. It was lot of struggle  as SAP B1  consultant you should be expert in all business process. I had to think forward and gear up to new Challenges SAP has , so i had to quit my job and do SAP MM Certification dedicatedly . Like if you put your heart out Stars align 🙂 got job in MNC as SAP Consultant in MM R/3 side. Finally shifted gears to S4 HANA & jumped to SAP EWM ( Extended Warehouse management) and not looked back since then . That's my short journey, want to keep learning and contributing to the community actively from now. Thank you the community members to have group from Bangalore.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello world 😀

Being a localite, I'm happy to be part of this local community!

I've been in SAP Labs India for about 3 years. I'm a tech enthusiast and I'm into Cloud Native Development. Currently, I'm working at the Bangalore campus (BLR-05) 🏢.

When I'm not coding, you can find me reading books 📚. And of course, I'm always up for a good conversation over coffee . There's nothing like discussing new ideas and getting different perspectives while enjoying a warm cup.

I'm looking forward to connecting with the fellow community members here.

Cheers! 👍