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Did you join SAP TechEd 2023 in Bengaluru? - If yes, share with us your best moments here!!

Active Contributor

Hello SAP Community

I had an amazing experience at SAPTechEd last week in Bengaluru. I met a lot of SAP Community folks that I wanted to meet from a long time - ( Vijay Sharma,  Murali Shamnugam @Murali_Shan/@Murali_Shanmu, Jitendra Kansal @Former Member, Devraj Bardhan @Former Member, DJ Adams @qmacro, Mohit Bansal, Mustafa Bensan @MustafaBensan, Mynyna @mynynachau, Kunal Bansal @Former Member, Katherine @Katherine_K  to name a few ),

and many other local SAP Community members from SAP Inside Track and other local community eents here ( Syambabu @SyambabuAllu, Satheeshkumar, Krishna Kishore Kammaje, @Former Member, Srinivasa Bhumireddy @Former Member, Subhajit Das @subhajit  to name a few ).

I also had many pics with my team from India, Europe and USA, who came for the TechEd :), ofcourse we went out to local Breweries here and had fun :).


Now it's YOUR TURN!!

  • So how was your TechEd in Bengaluru?
  • Did you travel from other regions/countries to attend this event? If yes, did you see some cool places here in Bengaluru? or Stuck in traffic 😉
  • Did you manage to meet fellow SAP Community members here?
  • What session did you like the most?
  • or something you liked about this TechEd at Bengaluru..

Share here your best moments!!

Thanks & Regards,


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Thanks for making this happen ! Had amazing experience will pen them here !

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It was my first trip to your city 🙏 and I was impressed how smoothly everything went. Travelling from Galway (Ireland) was a bit daunting at first but the visa and everything worked out well. Fantastic to meet everyone in person - too many to name here!! The technology announcements were second to none. Roll on next year 😊

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Great to hear that your experience was good @Katherine_K. I missed few announcements from keynote and was not able to attend some sessions as I was preparing for my own, but good that they were recorded to catchup later 😁


Thank you @maheshpalavalli - it was a fantastic experience overall.

Yes indeed, for anyone who doesn't already know - you can get the materials on demand from the session catalogs: Bangalore | Virtual. Also, if you join the SAP TechEd group you can stay up-to-date there.

----- Check out the SAP Community events today! Don't miss out on new insights. -----


Thanks to SAP for all the mindblowing sessions, learnings and ofcurz the networking. I got the previledge to meet the developer advocates and the interaction with them was really great.  It was overall a wonderful experience to be at the TechEd. Hoping to meet the folks again and sooner. Thanks again. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It was a fantastic experience @maheshpalavalli. I travelled from Australia and been to TechEd Bangalore few times before. I learnt a lot just being in the keynotes. Meeting community members in-person was my highlight.  See you in the next event.

It was nice meeting you @Murali_Shan!! I've also been to TechEd Bangalore twice before as a customer & partner. But this time as an SAP employee my experience was quite different. One difference is that I was not able to meet a lot of folks because of the sessions I had to take 😅, which was not the case in my previous TechEd's. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon 😁


Probably not finding the correct word to express my excitement and experience for this year's SAP Teched.

To be part of such an aggregation of SAP Experts and Community folks is an honor.

I was on the other side this year's TechEd as previous participations were mostly as from the Partner's end.

I was a part of SAP Social Warriors Team for this year's TechEd and enjoyed my role apart from being an attendee.

Though I was hustling around 😄 but I got a chance to interact, attend with Experts and Colleagues from Customer and Partner companies.

Notably among them would be @Katherine_K @thomas_jung @josh_bentley  @Dsk @SyambabuAllu @maheshpalavalli @Kunal_Bansal and others to name a few 😃

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon...



SAP Social Warriors sounds exciting. You should write a separate post sharing your experiences 😉 Looking forward to it 🙂
BTW @Dsk is planning for an SAP Stammtisch next month, Let's catchup again soon there 🙂