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Are you ready for SAP DemoJam at this years SAP TechEd (2023)?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Perhaps you already read the blog post:
Become one of the stars of the SAP Community: Submit your proposal for SAP DemoJam!

Have to say, the anticipation is super exciting and we cannot wait to see the proposals that are submitted. Especially with the current buzz and creativity and technology out there.

You may have attended other SAP DemoJams in the past - even a mini version - as a participant, in the audience or "behind the scenes" helping out. Will you take part this year? Or will you look forward to watching in person? Or perhaps you'll watch the recording later! Leave a comment below and let's discuss all things
SAP DemoJam!! Also, let us know if you've any highlights to share from other years!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Can't wait to see all the submissions from our community!!! 🙂

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