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Hello SAP Community Bengaluru,

We are doing a special SAP Stammtisch Plus next week. It’s a great opportunity for the SAP Community to network and learn about some of the latest SAP Technologies from the expert community members.

“SAP Stammtisch Plus is a local grassroots community event where SAP Community members come together to share knowledge about SAP-related topics. The event is driven/organized by the community, free, and very informal: everyone who is interested may participate. This is typically around 3 hours with half the time focussed on expert sessions and other on networking”.

The event will be on 28th June, Wednesday from 3:00 PM till 6:00 PM and the location is SAP Labs Bengaluru, map. More details will be shared soon in the mail.

We have a great line-up of sessions from SAP Community experts.

Speakers: thomas.jung, shilpa.shankar,, shriprasad.bhat

Organizers & Volunteers: abhishek.chatterjee (SAP), vijay.simha (EY) & maheshkumar.palavalli (SAP)

So what are you waiting for now? Use the link below and register now!! And do come a bit early considering the traffic in Bengaluru 😉

Register Here: SAP Stammtisch Plus Bengaluru. Register Now! - SAP Community Groups
Note: This is an in-person only event.


Active Contributor
Hi Greetings,

Thanks for the initiative - i see its sold out in the link.
Active Contributor
Hi dskumar_2000 ,

Unfortunately, it's sold out. Follow me here and send a message or reach out to me on social media, will share the details on how you can register.

Warm Regards,