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SAP_PCE_system copy method between On-premise and SAP PCE

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Dear Experts,

While waiting for your team to have enough information to build the SAP PCE system, we have built a SAP SANDBOX system under On-premise for the business team to configure first.

Can we provide backup file of this SANDBOX system so that you can use it to build SAP system on PCE using system copy method? And is there a fee to build the system using this method? If yes, how is the fee calculated?

Because we are worried about the version mismatch between the SANDBOX system and the SAP PCE system which will lead to the failure of some configurations.

Thank you so much

Ms. Diep


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @former_member149605 ,

Thanks for the question! @StephanieMarley - would you be able to track down someone who can comment here?