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Participating in the digital skills initiative.


Hello @David_Chaviano 

I identify as a person in the below categories:

    • People in remote or underserved locations that may be not have access to the same economic opportunities as their urban or more privileged counterparts 
    • Minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location 
    • People looking to switch their careers mid-life

I am willing to learn more about SAP and to undergo the rigors of studying for SAP Certification. I am extremely eager to participate in the Digital Skills initiative. Despite being an Engineering graduate with a non-IT background, I have a deep passion for coding, and I have already begun learning ABAP. Becoming a Technical Consultant is my ultimate goal, and this initiative is the perfect stepping stone to achieve it. The resources and certification opportunities offered by this program are invaluable. I am grateful to SAP for offering this opportunity to me and others like me. With the help of this initiative, I am confident that I can achieve my dream job and embark on a fulfilling career in the tech industry. 


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @P_Himanshu ,

Thanks for writing and sharing your interest in the digital skills initiative!

How did you find your way to SAP? As it is not a direct-to-customer brand people oftentimes have an interesting story behind how they find us 😄

Invite is on its way!

Maybe this blog may help with some pointers on where to begin.