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Interest in the Digital Skills Initiative Program


Hi @David_Chaviano,

Thanks for acquainting us about this great initiative by SAP, I'm glad to be here. I identify as a women and looking  to switch career midlife into SAP HCM/SuccessFactors. With over 7+ years of experience in HR, I have gained significant knowledge and transferrable skills to pursue a career and my passion in SAP HCM/Successfactors and this would be a great opportunity to make this a reality.

I have always been intrigued by technology in HR such as the SAP HCM/Successfactors and amazed by the impact it has on the overall efficient functioning of HR functions and processes. Also, it also allows you to be up to date with the cutting edge technology in the industry and an opportunity to work on best in class technologies. Proactively, I have had been reading about SuccessFactors and taking some self paced training for awareness and to get the foundational knowledge. I am so eager to enroll into the learning journeys to deepen my knowledge of the suite and earn the certification attempt to help facilitate transitioning of my career.

Many thanks for your consideration in advance, can't wait to start a rewarding career in SAP.




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @farha91 ,

Thanks for checking in and sharing your interest! Invite sent.

If you make a break in your career because of this initiative, please post your story as a blog and tag me! In return, I can get you another free certification attempt. 😁




Thanks David, this initiative is so great and Yes, I would certainly love to share my story here after certifying successfully. And ofcourse because, I don't wanna miss another free certification 😛